Villa Massimo

Villa Massimo, short for Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo (Italian: Accademia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo), is a German cultural institution in Rome, established in 1910 and located in the Villa Massimo.

Main house of the Villa Massimo

The fellowship at Villa Massimo German Academy in Rome is one of the most important awards offered to extraordinary artists for study abroad. The award offers residency for ten months at the Villa Massimo to ten artists in the middle of their careers who have excelled in Germany and abroad, including architects, composers, writers, artists.

The institution's founder was the patron and entrepreneur Eduard Arnhold, who in 1910 acquired the beautiful property of 36,000 m², previously the suburban villa of the aristocratic Massimo family. Arnhold commissioned the main building, a large villa appropriate for official events, and ten modern studios with adjacent private residential spaces. He later donated the villa and its luxurious furnishings to the Prussian state. Today, Villa Massimo is managed by the German Federal Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Media. From 2002 to June 2019 Joachim Blüher was the director of the German Academy. Since July 2019 Julia Draganović is the director of the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo.[1]

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