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Destinee & Paris were an American pop music duo composed of singer-songwriter sisters Destinee and Paris Monroe, who are former members of the teen pop girl group Clique Girlz. They formed the group in 2009[1] and were signed to Interscope Records.[2][3] Born and raised in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, now Los Angeles-based, the sisters cite their influences as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani.

Destinee & Paris
Destinee (left) and Paris (right)
Background information
Years active2009-2012
LabelsInterscope, Universal Music Group
Associated actsClique Girlz
Past membersDestinee Monroe
Paris Monroe



Destinee MonroeEdit

Destinee Raé Monroe (born June 16, 1994)[4][5][6][7] was described as the "rock girl" of the group. Her symbol was a star because when she was little she had something in her eye and her mom said it was a star.[8] Her signature color was blue. She's the oldest sister. Destinee's hobbies include singing and playing guitar, violin and piano.[9][10]

Paris MonroeEdit

Paris Quinn Monroe (born January 9, 1996)[4][5][11][12] was described as the "princess" of the group, and her symbol was a crown, which she said she loved as a fashion statement.[8] Her signature color was pink. She's the youngest sister. She also plays the piano.


Destinee & Paris were the backing vocalists for Season 10 of American Idol in 2011[13][14] and appeared on the Disney Channel's So Random in 2012.[15] They were an opening act for the later U.S. dates and the entire European leg of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour in 2011.[16][17][18][19]

Destinee & Paris performed on American Idol-winner Scotty McCreery's first single "I Love You This Big" and contributed the song "I'm on a Roll" to the soundtrack of Despicable Me.[20] Interscope released their first single, "True Love", in August 2011.[21] The music video for "True Love" was directed by Steven Antin and has 1,724,652 views as of January 26, 2015. At the time they were said to be working on their first album, Heart of Mine, with producer RedOne,[22] but it appears to have been no further developments in their career since March 2012.[23]



As lead artistEdit

Title Year Album
"True Love"[24] 2011 Heart of Mine

Other appearancesEdit

Title Year Album
"I'm On a Roll"[25] 2010 Despicable Me: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


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