Desiderius of Vienne (died 607) was a martyred archbishop of Vienne and a chronicler.

Desiderius of Fontenelle
Archbishop of Vienne
BornAutun, Gaul[1]
Diedc. 607
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church[2]
FeastFebruary 11 and May 23 (Roman Martyrology and East) [2][1]

Life edit

Nothing is known about his early years. In 603, in a conflict with Brunhilda of Austrasia, the legitimacy of whose children he had attacked,[3] he was deposed after she combined forces with Aridius, bishop of Lyon. He was stoned to death, some years later,[4] at the order of King Theuderic II of Burgundy.[5]

He was rebuked by Gregory the Great for his interest in the pagan classics, in a letter provoked by the schooling he was providing for his clergy.[6]

Veneration edit

He is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church, with his feast days on May 26.[7] In the Eastern Orthodox Church, his feast is celebrated on May 23 because of confusing him with Desiderius of Langres.[2] A hagiographical work was written about him by the Visigothic king Sisebuto, during the 7th century.[8] A later life was written by Ado of Vienne.

Notes edit

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