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Deserts Chang (Chinese: 張懸; pinyin: Zhāng Xuán; born 30 May 1981) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter.[1][2]

Deserts Chang
Native name
Chiao An-p'u (焦安溥)

(1981-05-30) 30 May 1981 (age 38)
Years active1997–present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese張懸
Simplified Chinese张悬
Musical career
Also known asChang Hsuan
Chang Xuan
Deserts Xuan
GenresIndie pop, alternative
LabelsSony BMG (2006–present)
Associated actsAlgae (2007–present)
Mango Runs

Early lifeEdit

Deserts Chang was born as Chiao An-p'u (焦安溥; Jiāo Ānpǔ) on May 30, 1981 to a high socio-economic status family. Her father, Chiao Jen-ho (焦仁和; Jiāo Rénhé), is a former secretary-general of the Straits Exchange Foundation. However, Chang has been quoted by the media as saying that she does not want to ride on the success of her father. Her stage name Deserts represents something "mysterious and suggests something hanging in limbo," a representation of her personality.[3]

Chang started composing when she was 13 and began to perform on stage at 16. By the age of 19, Chang had written over 100 songs and got her first contract with Sony BMG., However, after recording, photo shooting and several campus performances, nothing happened. The young singer had waited for 5 years for the release of her debut album ” My Life Will...

Though she released her first album in 2006, Chang was well known among live houses, pubs and the Internet before that. Her light and clear voice is heart-touching and inspiring,[citation needed] which attracts many college students and independent music lovers. Chang is also a guitar player, and writes most of her songs with acoustic guitar.


Chang dropped out of high school because she "couldn't stand the conservative restrictions."[3] She previously performed at pubs before entering the music recording industry.

She was a member of the rock band Mango Runs, named most popular act and winner of the Indie Music Award at the 2003 Hohaiyan Rock Festival in Taipei County.[4] Mango Runs was featured in the 2004 documentary Ocean Fever (海洋熱), which followed the stories of several acts at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival.[5]

Chang's debut album My Life Will... was released on June 9, 2006 under the record label Sony BMG. Although many of her fans objected to the recording deal, Chang promised that her style of music will not change.[3] The album contains her music written between the ages of 13 and 19.

Her presence in the alternative music scene was demonstrated in the 18th Golden Melody Awards, where she received four award nominations. Her debut album was nominated for Best Mandarin Album along with mainstream musicians such as Jolin Tsai.[6] It was previously considered unthinkable for a high-profile Chinese language music awards show to nominate independent artists in its major categories.[7]

The singer has been enjoying growing popularity in Taiwan and Mainland China. At the 7th Chinese Music Media Awards in Hong Kong, Chang received the award for Best New Mandarin Artist.[8]

She released her second album Oh, dear. dear. I haven't. (親愛的…我還不知道) on July 20, 2007. For the song 畢竟, she was nominated for Best Lyricist at the 19th Golden Melody Awards.

Since then, she has been joined by three other musicians (Cent, Goodtone, and Sunho) to create a band called Algae. On May 22, 2009, her third album City (城市) was released.

Chang released her fourth album in August 2012. The album named 神的遊戲 (Games We Play) was released under Sony music. The new album provides insights into Chang's life experiences over the past three years, in songs such as 如何; her constant advocacy for social issues, in song like 玫瑰色的你 (Rose-colored), for she won her first Golden Melody Award for the song's lyrics.[9]

Musical styleEdit

Using a guitar as her primary instrument. She is generally considered an indie artist despite having signed with recording giant Sony BMG.[10]

Chang's most downloaded song Baby (寶貝) was written after she turned 13 following a fight with her mother. However, the full song was not realized until later when she had learned how to play a musical instrument.[3]


Studio albumsEdit

Year Album
2005 Maybe I Don't Care
  • March 31 Indie Release
  • Live House Limited Edition
2006 My Life Will...
2007 Dear... I don't know yet
  • July 20 Released by Sony BMG
2009 The City
  • May 22 Released by Sony BMG(in Taiwan)
  • May 22 Released by Sony BMG(in China)
  • Released under band name:"Algae"
2012 Games We Play
  • August 11 Released by Sony BMG


Year Name
2007 《Baby in life》:June 8 Released by SonyBMG
2008 Love, New Year》:December 19 Released by SonyBMG as a form of Greeting Card, Limited 5000 Cards were released


Year Title
September, 2005 《The Passage》MovieSoundtrackTheme Song:〈Glimmer〉(Producer)
August, 2008 Candy RainMovieSoundtrack:〈Triste〉(Singer/ Producer)
February, 2010 MongaMovieSoundtrack:〈I think you're leaving〉(Singer/ Producer)

Tours & PerformancesEdit

Awards and nominationsEdit


Year Awards
2007 HITO Radio Music Awards Best New Female Artist Deserts Chang [11]
DJ's Best Loved Album My Life Will...
2003 The 15th CASH Song Writers Quest
  • Winner:《At That Moment》
2007 The 5th Annual HITO Pop Music Award
The Second Annual KKBOX Music Award
  • New Singer of the Year
The Second Annual Stars Award
  • Best Female Singer
2008 The 6th Annual HITO Pop Music Award
  • HITO Pop Music Lyricist:〈Like〉
2009 Beijing Pop Festival
  • Best Singer-Songwriter in Hong Kong and Taiwan
2013 The 13th AnnualTop Chinese Music Awards
  • Best Singer-Songwriter Award
  • Best Lyricist Award
  • Best Song Producer Award


Years Nominations
2012 The 23rd AnnualGolden Melody Awards
  • Best Song Writer Nomination: Please Give Me A Better Rival In Love
2010 The 21st AnnualGolden Melody Awards
  • Best Chinese Female Singer:The City
2008 The 19th AnnualGolden Melody Award
  • Best Lyricist Nomination:After All
The 8th AnnualTop Chinese Music Award
  • Best Lyricist in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:〈The Annoying Word〉
  • Best Music Arranger in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:〈Like〉
  • Best Female Singer in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:《Dear...I don't know yet
  • Best Album in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:《Dear...I don't know yet
  • Best Singer-Song writer in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:《Dear...I don't know yet
  • Best Producer in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:《Dear...I don't know yet
  • Best Song in Hong Kong and Taiwan Nomination:〈Appearance〉、〈The Annoying Word〉、〈Like〉
2007 The 18th Annual Golden Melody Award
  • Song of the Year Nomination:〈Baby(in the night)〉
  • Best Chinese Album Nomination:《My Life Will...
  • Best Lyricist Nomination:〈Baby(in the night)〉
  • Best Composer Nomination:〈Baby(in the night)〉


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