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Coordinates: 31°57′45″N 110°28′35″W / 31.96250°N 110.47639°W / 31.96250; -110.47639

Desert Eagle Observatory
Observatory code 333 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationBenson, US
Coordinates31°57′45″N 110°28′34″W / 31.9625°N 110.476°W / 31.9625; -110.476Coordinates: 31°57′45″N 110°28′34″W / 31.9625°N 110.476°W / 31.9625; -110.476
Desert Eagle Observatory is located in the United States
Desert Eagle Observatory
Location of Desert Eagle Observatory

Desert Eagle Observatory (code: 333) is a private amateur astronomical observatory, situated near Benson, Arizona, United States. Operated by Canadian amateur astronomer William Kwong Yu Yeung, the observatory's primary purpose is the observation and discovery of comets and minor planets, which include asteroids and near-Earth objects. At the observatory, Bill Yeung has discovered more than 1,500 minor planets.[a]


  1. ^ As of June 2017, the Minor Planet Center's data base shows at total of 1,569 minor planets that were discovered at "Desert Eagle", starting with 32605 Lucy and ending with the highest numbered minor planet, currently being (494242) 2016 PL29

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