The Derwitzer Glider was a glider that was developed by Otto Lilienthal, so named because it was tested near Derwitz [de; it] (nowadays part of Werder (Havel)) in Brandenburg. When flown in 1891, it became a very early successful design able to carry a person and one of the first successful manned aircraft in the world. He made flights of up to 25 metres (80 feet) in it.

Derwitzer Glider
Derwitzer Glider in flight with Lilienthal as pilot, 1891
Role Experimental glider
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Otto Lilienthal
Designer Otto Lilienthal
First flight 1891

Specifications edit

General characteristics

  • Crew: One (pilot)
  • Length: 3.90 m (12 ft 10 in)
  • Wingspan: 7.62 m (25 ft 0 in) originally; 5.5 m (18 ft) later
  • Wing area: 10.0 m2 (108 sq ft)
  • Empty weight: 18 kg (40 lb)

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