The Derdepoort massacre occurred on 25 November 1899 at Derdepoort, situated on the South African Republic's border with the British Bechuanaland Protectorate. Some of the Bechuanaland Kgatla, under their chief Lentshwe and in alliance with the British under Colonel G. L. Holdsworth, attacked a Boer laager (wagon fort). Two women were killed, and 17 women and children taken captive.[1]

Derdepoort massacre
Part of the Second Anglo-Boer War
LocationDerdepoort, South African Republic
Coordinates24°38′33″S 26°24′13″E / 24.64250°S 26.40361°E / -24.64250; 26.40361
Date25 November 1899
Deaths2 women
Injured17 women and children were captured
PerpetratorsBechuanaland Kgatla of Chief Lentshwe

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