Derby/Linköping BK

Derby/Linköping Bandyklubb, Derby/Linköping BK, colloquially Derby, is a bandy club in Linköping, Sweden.[1] It has its roots in BK Derby but was formally founded on 1 October 1981, when the bandy department of BK Derby was merged with Stångebro/Cupol BK and formed Derby/Stångebro BK. In 1983 the name was changed to Stångebro BK.[2] In 2003, the club returned to the name Derby, forming an alliance with the football club of that name, and returned to the green-black jerseys and the BK Derby logo.

Derby/Linköping BK
BK Derby.png
CityLinköping, Sweden
LeagueDivision 1
Founded1981; 40 years ago (1981)

Stångebro BK was the runner-up to the Swedish championship for women's bandy teams in 1986 and 1987.[3]

The men's team used to play bandy in Allsvenskan, the second-tier of Swedish bandy, but chose to withdraw after the 2007/2008 season.[4] In 2014, it is playing in the third-tier Division 1 Södra (South).


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