Deram Records was a subsidiary record label of Decca Records established in the United Kingdom in 1966. At the time, U.K. Decca was a different company from the Decca label in the United States, which was owned by MCA Inc. Deram recordings were distributed in the U.S. through UK Decca's American branch known as London Records. Deram was active until 1979, then continued as a reissue label.[1]

Deram Records
Parent companyDecca Records (UK)
Founded1966 (1966)
GenreRock, pop
Country of originThe UK

History edit

1966–1968 edit

In the 1960s Decca recording engineers experimented with ways of improving stereo recordings. They created a technique they named "Decca Panoramic Sound." The term "Deramic" was created as abbreviation of this. The new concept "allowed for more space between instruments, rendering these sounds softer to the ear." Early stereo recordings of popular music usually were mixed with sounds to the hard left, centre, or hard right only. This was because of the technical limitations of the professional 4-track reel-to-reel recorders which were considered state of the art until 1967.

Decca initially conceived Deram Records as an outlet for Deramic Sound recordings of contemporary pop and rock music, however, not all of the early recordings on Deram used this technique.[2] 'Deramic Sound' was intended to create recordings that had a more natural stereo spread. The basic difference was that, instead of overdubbing and mixing four individual (mono) tracks from a four-track recorder, the Decca recording engineers used a pair of four-track machines to layer multiple two-channel (stereo) recordings. This new concept, with additional tracks, permitted the engineer to place instruments more easily in any position within the stereo field.

To launch the 'Deramic Sound' concept Deram issued a series of six easy listening orchestral pop albums in October 1967. The albums all included the word Night in the title, i.e. Strings in the Night, Brass in the Night, etc. Artists in this series included Gordon Franks, Peter Knight, and Tony Osborne. The label was soon reinvented as a rival to early pre-punk 'indie' record companies like Island Records[3] and moulded into a home for 'progressive' or 'psychedelic' artists. Among the first recordings in this series was the November 1967 album release Days of Future Passed by the Moody Blues, while Crocheted Doughnut Ring and Beverley Martyn were also signed to the label around this time.

Professional eight-track recorders began to appear in many British studios starting with Advision Studios and Trident Studios in early 1968. The eight-track machines were far more flexible than the dual four-track recorder setup. By 1969 Decca had obtained its own eight-track recorder. Since Decca engineers no longer had more tracks than other major studios the 'Deramic Sound' concept quickly became outdated and was dropped.

1969–1982 edit

The roster later included British jazz and folk. Some of the more progressive jazz musicians of the late 1960s were released under the Deram imprint, including Mike Gibbs, John Surman, and Mike Westbrook. Deram albums bore a DML prefix for mono and an SML prefix for stereo releases. As with other UK Decca subsidiary labels, Deram's U.S. counterpart was distributed under London Records. Decca positioned it against Island Records, Harvest Records (started by EMI), and Vertigo Records (started by Philips Records), but it failed to compete.[4] An 'extra' progressive series with SDL prefixes did not improve the situation.

From the start, Decca placed pop records next to progressive artists on Deram. Cat Stevens found early success there before moving to Island Records, and David Bowie's first album appeared on the label.[4] Three of Deram's earliest hits, Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and the Move's "Night of Fear" and "I Can Hear the Grass Grow", were produced outside the company by artists not directly signed to Deram.[4] They were part of a deal with Straight Ahead Productions, who later moved their acts to EMI and had them released on the re-introduced Regal Zonophone imprint.

In 1969, Decca launched Nova, a progressive label that lasted less than a year. This caused further confusion as simultaneous releases on Deram Nova and Decca Nova appeared. Decca released Justin Hayward's Songwriter (1977) and Night Flight (1980) vinyl albums on Deram. In 1980, Sir Edward Lewis sold Decca to PolyGram, which put its new acquisition under the control of Roger Ames.[5] Even though the label name was briefly used in the early 1980s for records by Bananarama, the Mo-dettes, and Splodgenessabounds,[4] Ames decided to focus on Decca (for classical music) and London Recordings (for pop music), with London run as his own 'semi-autonomous indie' from within the major. From this point Deram was used as a reissue imprint for other recordings in the Decca/London catalogue and was eventually sold to Universal/UMG as part of Decca Records (London went with Ames to WMG, who sold it to French indie Because Music in 2017)[6]

Discography (singles) edit

1966 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
September 101 Beverley "Happy New Year"/"Where the Good Times Are"
102 Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog"/"Portobello Road" #28[7]
October 103 The Gibsons "Two Kinds of Lovers"/"Hey Girl"
104 Barry Mason "Over the Hills and Far Away"/"Collection of Recollections"
November 105 The Truth "Jingle Jangle"/"Hey Gyp"
106 The Eyes of Blue "Up and Down"/"Heart Trouble"
December 107 David Bowie "Rubber Band"/"The London Boys"
108 Chim Kothari "Sitar 'n' Spice"/"Indian Bat"
109 The Move "Night of Fear"/"Disturbance" #2[8]
110 Cat Stevens "Matthew and Son"/"Granny" #2[7]

1967 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 111 The Pyramid "Summer of Last Year"/"Summer Evening"
February 112 Whistling Jack Smith "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman"/"The British Grin and Bear" #5[9]
113 West Coast Delegation "Reach the Top"/"Mister Personality"
114 The Eyes of Blue "Supermarket Full of Cans"/"Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart"
March 115 Double Feature "Baby Get Your Head Screwed On"/"Come On Baby"
116 Sir Alec and His Boys "I'm a Believer"/"Green Green Grass of Home"
117 The Move "I Can Hear the Grass Grow"/"Wave the Flag and Stop the Train" #5[8]
118 Cat Stevens "I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun"/"School Is Out" #6[7]
119 The Gibsons "The Magic Book"/"You Know I Need Your Loving"
April 120 Warm Sounds "Birds and Bees"/"Doo Dah"
121 The Quik "Love Is a Beautiful Thing"/"Bert's Apple Crumble"
122 Denny Laine "Say You Don't Mind"/"Ask the People"
123 David Bowie "The Laughing Gnome"/"The Gospel According to Tony Day" #6(1973 RCA re-release)
124 Mike Redway "Casino Royale"/"My Poem for You"
125 The Outer Limits "Just One More Chance"/"Help Me Please"
May 126 Procol Harum "A Whiter Shade of Pale"/"Lime Street Blues" #1[10]
127 The Wards of Court "All Night Girl"/"How Could You Say One Thing"
June 128 Les Reed Orchestra "Imogene"/"The Pay Off 28"
129 Whistling Jack Smith "Hey There Little Miss Mary"/"I Was Bizet's Carmen"
130 The Syn "Created By Clive"/"Grounded"
131 Honeybus "Delighted to See You"/"The Breaking Up Scene"
132 Robb and Dean Douglas "I Can Make It With You"/"'Phone Me"
133 Jon Gunn "I Just Made Up My Mind"/"Now It's My Turn"
July 134 Rubber Bootz "Joy Ride"/"Chicano"
135 David Bowie "Love You Till Tuesday"/"Did You Ever Have a Dream?"
136 Amen Corner "Gin House Blues"/"I Know" #12[11]
137 Beverley/D. Cordell Teatime Ensemble "Museum"/"A Quick One for Sanity"
138 Richard Kerr "Happy Birthday Blues"/"Mother's Blue-Eyed Angel"
139 The Quik "King of the World"/"My Girl"
140 Cat Stevens "A Bad Night"/"The Laughing Apple" #20[7]
August 142 The Flower Pot Men "Let's Go to San Francisco" (Part One)/(Part Two) #4[12]
143 Bill Fay "Some Good Advice"/"Screams in the Ears"
144 The Cuppa T "Miss Pinkerton"/"Brand New World"
September 141 Martin's Magic Sounds "Mon Amour, Mon Amour"/"Midem Melody"
145 The Syn "Flowerman"/"14 Hour Technicolour Dream"
146 The Virgin Sleep "Love"/"Halliford House"
147 John Street & The Inmates of Number 12 "Keep a Little Love"/"My Kind of Luck"
148 Robb & Dean Douglas "Rose Growing in the Ruins"/"Gentle People"
150 The 23rd Turnoff "Michael Angelo"/"Leave Me Here"
151 Amen Corner "The World of Broken Hearts"/"Nema" #26[11]
October 149 Danny Williams "Never My Love"/"Whose Little Girl Are You"
152 Honeybus "In Your Life"/"Throw My Love Away"
153 Timebox "Don't Make Promises"/"Walking Through the Streets of My Mind"
154 Sol Raye "While I'm Here"/"To Be With You"
155 The Quik "I Can't Sleep"/"Soul Full of Sorrow"
November 157 Mike Redway "Don't Speak of Love"/"Sometimes I Remember"
158 Granny's Intentions "The Story of David"/"Sandy's on the Phone Again"
159 Johnny Howard Orchestra "Bonnie and Clyde"/"Flapper Patrol"
160 Flower Pot Men "A Walk in the Sky"/"Am I Losing You?"
161 The Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin"/"Cities" #19[13]
162 The Societie "Bird Has Flown"/"Breaking Down"
163 Danny Williams "Love Me"/"When You Were Mine"
December 156 Cat Stevens "Kitty"/"Blackness of the Night" #47[7]
164 Tintern Abbey "Beeside"/"Vacuum Cleaner"
165 Double Feature "Handbags and Gladrags"/"Just Another Lonely Night"
166 Jon Gunn "If You Wish It"/"I Don't Want to Get Hung Up on You Babe"
167 The Human Instinct "A Day in My Mind's Mind"/"Death of the Seaside"
168  –  – not issued
169 The Crocheted Doughnut Ring "Havana Anna"/"Happy Castle"
170 Les Reed Orchestra "Theme from Candice"/"The Last Waltz"

1968 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 171 Denny Laine "Too Much in Love"/"Catherine's Wheel"
172 Amen Corner "Bend Me, Shape Me"/"Satisnek the Job's Worth" #3[11]
173 The Virgin Sleep "Secret"/"Comes a Time"
174 Warm Sounds "Nite Is A-Comin'"/"Smeta Murgaty"
February 175 Roberto Mann Singers "Monya"/"My World Is You"
176 Ten Years After "Portable People"/"The Sounds"
177 The Human Instinct "Renaissance Fair"/"Pink Dawn"
178 Cat Stevens "Lovely City"/"Image of Hell"
179 Whistling Jack Smith "Ja-da"/"Sans Fairy Anne"
March 180 The Crocheted Doughnut Ring "Maxine's Parlour"/"Get Out Your Rock and Roll Shoes"
181 Bernie & The Buzz Band "Don't Knock It"/"When Something Is Wrong With My Baby"
182 Honeybus "I Can't Let Maggie Go"/"Tender Are the Ashes" #8[14]
April 183 The Flower Pot Men "Man Without A Woman"/"You Can Never Be Wrong"
184 Granny's Intentions "Julie Don't Love Me Anymore"/"One Time Lovers"
185 The Cuppa T "Streatham Hippodrome"/"One Man Band"
May 186 Focal Point "Love You Forever"/"Sycamore Sid"
187 World of Oz "The Muffin Man"/"Peter's Birthday"
190 Cats Eyes "Smile Girl for Me"/"In a Fantasy World"
191  –  – not issued
192 Tony Osborne & His Three Brass Buttons "Sunspot"/"Cornflake"
193 Roberto Mann & His Orchestra "Wonderful One"/"Moon Love"
194 Timebox "Beggin'"/"A Woman That's Waiting" #38[15]
June 188 Giles, Giles and Fripp "One in a Million"/"Newly Weds"
189 Whistling Jack Smith "Only When I Larf"/"Early One Morning"
195 The Flirtations "Someone Out There"/"How Can You Tell Me?"
196 The Moody Blues "Voices in the Sky"/"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume" #27[13]
July 197 Amen Corner "High in the Sky"/"Run Run Run" #6[11]
198 Friends "Piccolo Man"/"Mythological Sunday"
199 Danny Williams "Everybody Needs Somebody"/"They Will Never Understand"
200 Roberto Mann & His Orchestra "Love Theme from Witchfinder General"/"Both Sides Now"
202 Clyde McPhatter "Only a Fool"/"Thank You Love"
August 201 The Web "Hatton Mill Morning"/"Conscience"
203 London Balalaika Ensemble "Kalinka"/"Remember, Remember"
204 Roberto Mann Strings "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"/"Never Goodbye"
205 World of Oz "King Croesus"/"Jack"
206 "The Hawaiians" "Tea for Two"/"A Taste of Honey"
September 207 Honeybus "Girl of Independent Means"/"How Long"
208 The Anvil Flutes and Capricorn Voices "April Showers"/"Jolie Gendarme"
October 209 Cats Eyes "I Thank You Marianne"/"Turn Around"
210 Giles, Giles and Fripp "Thursday Morning"/"Elephant Song"
211 Cat Stevens "Here Comes My Wife"/"It's a Super (Dupa) Life"
212 Lionel Bart "Isn't This Where We Came In?"/"May a Man Be Merry?"
213 The Moody Blues "Ride My See-Saw"/"A Simple Game" #42[13]
214 Granny's Intentions "Never an Everyday Thing"/"Hilda the Bilda"
November 215 The Doughnut Ring "Dance Around Julie"/"The Bandit"
216 The Flirtations "Nothing but a Heartache"/"Christmas Time Is Here Again"
217 The Web with John L. Watson "Baby Won't You Leave Me Alone"/"McVernon Street"
218 Roberto Mann Orchestra with Chorus "Moonlight Clair de Lune"/"Snow in Autumn"
219 Timebox "Girl Don't Make Me Wait"/"Gone Is the Sad Man"
220 Curiosity Shoppe "Baby I Need You"/"So Sad"
221 Ten Years After "Hear Me Calling"/"I'm Going Home"

1969 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 222 Wayne Faro & His Schmaltz Band "There's Still Time"/"Give It Time"
223 Clyde McPhatter "Baby, You've Got It"/"Baby I could Be So Good at Loving You"
224 John Surman "Obeah Wedding"/"Don't Stop the Carnival"
225 Neil McArthur "She's Not There"/"World of Glass" #34[16]
226 The Youth "Meadow of My Love"/"Love Me or Leave Me"
227 Denny Laine "Say You Don't Mind"/"Ask the People"
228 Amen Corner "The World of Broken Hearts"/"Gin House Blues"
229  –  – not issued
230 Roberto Mann Orchestra & Chorus "Albatross"/"My Magic Dream"
February 231 U.K. Jones "Let Me Tell Ya"/"And the Rains Came Down"
232 Grisby Dyke "The Adventures of Miss Rosemary La Page"/"Mary Ann She"
233 World of Oz "Willow's Harp"/"Like a Tear"
234 Mike Westbrook "A Life of Its Own"/"Can't Get It Out of My Mind"
235 Donnie Elbert "Without You"/"Baby Please Come Home"
236 Raymonde's Magic Organ "Yellow Submarine"/"Winchester Cathedral"
237 "Blue"/"Brown Eyes"
238 "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"/"You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby"
239 "Oh! Johnny, Oh! Johnny, Oh!"/"Heartaches"
240 "Cry"/"Tennessee Waltz"
241 "These Boots Are Made for Walking"/"Green Green Grass of Home"
March 242 East of Eden "Northern Hemisphere"/"Communion"
243 Touch "Miss Teach"/"We Feel Fine"
244 Les Reed/Les Reed Orchestra "Don't Linger With Your Finger on the Trigger"/"Big Drum"
245 Kenny Everett "Nice Time"/"And Now for a Little Train Number"
246 Timebox "Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye"/"Poor Little Heartbreaker"
248 The Flower Pot Men "In A Moment of Madness"/"Young Birds Fly"
April 247 The Moody Blues "Never Comes the Day"/"So Deep Within You"
249 Roberto Mann Orchestra & Chorus Theme from the Film Baby Love / "Serenade to Summer"
250 Keef Hartley "Leave It 'Til the Morning"/"Just to Cry"
251 Cats Eyes "Where Is She Now?"/"Tom Drum"
252 The Flirtations "What's Good About Goodbye My Love?"/"Once I Had a Love"
May 253 The Web "Monday to Friday"/"Harold Dubbleyew"
254 Honeybus "She Sold Blackpool Rock"/"Would You Believe"
255  –  – not issued
256 John Cameron Quartet "Trouble Maker"/"Off Centre"
June 257 The Shepperton Flames "Take Me for What I Am"/"Goodbye"
258 The March Hare "Have We Got News For You"/"I Could Make It There With You"
259 The Alan Bown Set "Still As Stone"/"Wrong Idea"
260 Cat Stevens "Where Are You"/"The View from the Top"
261 Tam White "That Old Sweet Roll"/"Don't Make Promises"
262 Neil MacArthur "Don't Try to Explain"/"Without Her"
263 Alan Price "The Trimdon Grange Explosion"/"Falling in Love Again"
264 The Fantastics "Face to Face with Heartache"/"This Must Be My Rainy Day"
July 265 R.J. Hightower "God Is Love"/"Sister Mimi"
266 Johnny Almond Music Machine "Solar Level"/"To R.K."
August 268 Love Children "Easy Squeezy"/"Every Little Step"
269 Egg "Seven Is a Jolly Good Time"/"You Are All Princes"
September 267 Garden Odyssey Enterprise "Sad and Lonely"/"Sky Pilot"
270 Bulldog Breed "Portcullis Gate"/"Halo in My Hair"
272 The Incrowd "Where in the World"/"I Can Make Love to You"
October 271 Timebox "Yellow Van"/"You've Got the Chance"
273 The Keef Hartley Band "Waiting Around"/"Not Foolish, Not Wise"
274 Margo "The Spark That Lights the Flame"/"Left Over Love"
275 Neil MacArthur "It's Not Easy"/"12.29"
276 Brotherhood of Man "Love One Another"/"A Little Bit of Heaven"
277 Kelly "Mary Mary"/"Reverend Richard Bailey"
278 The Alan Bown Set "Gypsy Girl"/"All I Can"
November 279 Kathe Green "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind"/"Primrose Hill"

1970 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 280 White Plains "My Baby Loves Lovin'"/"Show Me Your Hand" #9[17]
281 The Flirtations "Keep On Searching"/"Moma I'm Coming Home"
282 Music Motor "Happy"/"Where Am I Going?"
283 The Fantastics "Waiting Round for Heartaches"/"Ask the Lonely"
284 Brotherhood of Man "United We Stand"/"Say a Prayer" #10[18]
February 285 John L. Watson "A Mother's Love"/"Might As Well Be Gone"
286 Mike Westbrook Concert Band "Hooray"/"Requiem"
287 The Naked Truth "Two Little Rooms"/"Rag Doll Boy"
288 Frijid Pink "The House of the Rising Sun"/"Drivin' Blues" #4[19]
March 289 Honeybus "Story"/"The Night to Choose"
290 Bill Nile & His Goodtime Band "I Try Not to Laugh"/"Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"
April 291 White Plains "I've Got You On My Mind"/"Today I Killed a Man I Didn't Know" #17[17]
292 Currant Kraze "Lady Pearl"/"Breaking the Heart of a Good Man"
293 Granny's Intentions "Take Me Back"/"Maybe"
May 294 Columbus "E'vrybody Knows the U.S. Marshal"/"So Tired"
295 The Flirtations "Can't Stop Loving You"/"Everybody Needs Somebody"
296 Simon, Plug & Grimes "Is This a Dream"/"I'm Going Home"
297 East of Eden "Jig-a-Jig"/"Marcus Junior" #7[20]
June 298 Brotherhood of Man "Where Are You Going to My Love?"/"Living in the Land of Love" #22
299 Ten Years After "Love Like a Man" (studio)/"Love Like a Man" (live) #10[21]
300 301 302  –  – not issued
303 Love Children "Paper Chase"/"My Turkey Snuffed It"
304 Pacific Drift "Water Woman"/"Yes You Do"
July 305 Pebbles "Stand Up and Be Counted"/"May in the Morning"
306 Galliard "I Wrapped Her in Ribbons"/"Hermit and the Knight"
307 Tontine "A Strange Way to Love"/"I Don't Look Back"
309 Frijid Pink "Sing a Song of Freedom"/"End of the Line"
310 Ten Years After "Love Like a Man" (studio)/"Love Like a Man" (live) Reissue of DMS 299
August 308 Walrus "Who Can I Trust?"/"Tomorrow Never Comes"
311 Mike Westbrook Concert Orchestra with Norma Winstone "Original Peter"/"Magic Garden"
312 White Plains "Lovin' You Baby"/"Noises in My Head"
313 Someone's Band "A Story"/"Give It to You"
October 314 Mucky Duck "Jefferson"/"Psycho's on the Run"
315 White Plains with Pete Nelson "Julie Do Ya Love Me"/"I Need Your Everlasting Love" #8[17]
November 316 Keef Hartley Band "Roundabout (Part 1)"/"Roundabout (Part 2)"
317 Brotherhood of Man "This Boy"/"You Can Depend on Me"
December 318 Sue and Sunny "Ain't That Tellin' You People"/"Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time"
319 Johnny Goodison "One Mistake"/"A Little Understanding"
320 Patricia Cahill "Little Altar Boy"/"Rain"
321 Frijid Pink "Heartbreak Hotel"/"By Bye Blues"

1971 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 322 Brimstone "Keyhole Jake"/"The Monkey Song"
323 Walrus "Never Let My Body Touch the Ground"/"Why?"
February 324 Patricia Cahill "Colm Ban"/"Eighteen"
325 White Plains "Every Little Move She Makes"/"Carolina's Comin'"
326  –  – not issued
March 327 Brotherhood of Man "Reach Out Your Hand"/"A Better Tomorrow"
April 328 Sue and Sunny "Freedom"/"Break Up"
329 The Flirtations "Give Me Love"/"This Must Be The End of the Line"
330  –  – not issued
331 Megaton "Out Of Your Own Little World"/"Niagara"
May 332 Frijid Pink "Music for the People"/"Sloony"
333 White Plains "When You Are a King"/"The World Gets Better With Love" #13[17]
334 The Fantastics "For Old Times Sake"/"Exodus Main Theme"
335 Brotherhood Of Man "You and I"/"Sing in the Sunshine"
June 336 Frijid Pink "We're Gonna Be There (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)"/"Shorty Kline"
August 337 Miller Anderson "Bright City"/"Another Time, Another Place"
338 East Of Eden "Ramadhan"/"In the Snow for a Blow"/"Better Git It in Your Soul (Part III)"/"Have to Whack It Up"
339 Ultrafox "Nine by Nine"/"Stomping at Decca"
340 White Plains "Gonna Miss Her Mississippi"/"I'll Go Blind"
September 341 Brotherhood of Man "California Sunday Morning"/"Do Your Thing"
343 Grapefruit "Sha- Sha"/"Universal Party"
October 342 Vehicle "Hey Mr Organ Grinder"/"Cloudy Days"
344 Junior Campbell "Goodbye Baby Jane"/"If I Call Your Name"
November 345 Haffy's Whiskey Sour "Shot in the Head"/"By Bye Bluebird"
346 People "In Ancient Times"/"Glastonbury"
December 347 Frijid Pink "Lost Son"/"I Love Her"

1972 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 348 White Plains "I Can't Stop"/"Julie Anne"
349 Arthur Greenslade "Flirt"/"Rainy Day Love"
351 The Flirtations "Need Your Loving"/"I Wanna Be There"
February 350 Jake "And in the Morning"/"You and Me"
352 Lazy Lingo "1st Door, 2nd Floor"/"Race Against Time"
March 353 Laurie Dryden "The Spirit of Joe Hill"/"Half of Me"
354 Matthew's Revelation "Jesus Come Back"/"He Will Come Again"
355 Sue and Sunny "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"/"High on the Thought of You"
357 Mellow Candle "Dan the Wing"/"Silversong"
April 356 The Clan "Pretty Belinda"/"Ode to Karen"
358 Jerusalem "Kamikazi Moth"/"Frustration"
July 359 Hollywood Freeway "I've Been Moved"/"Cool Calamares"
August 360 Colin Areety "Poco Joe"/"To Give All Your Love Away"
361 Brotherhood Of Man "Say a Prayer"/"Follow Me"
September 362 Socrates "Eatin' Momma's Cookin'"/"Dearest Agnes"
363 Limelight "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"/"I'll See You On Sunday"
364 Junior Campbell "Hallelujah Freedom"/"Alright With Me" #10[22]
October 365 White Plains "Dad You Saved The World"/"Beachcomber"
366 Brotherhood Of Man "Rock Me Baby"/"Hang On" unreleased
367 Hoagy Pogey "Don't Ya Know"/"Why Don't You Go Away"
368 Pussy "Feline Woman"/"Ska Child"
369  –  – not issued

1973 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 370 Colin Areety "Holy Cow"/"I Can't Do It for You"
371 White Plains "Step into a Dream"/"Look to See" #21[17]
372 Torry Canyon "I Believe in Music"/"Getting Better All the Time"
February 373 Lee Sheriden "Sweetest Tasting Candy Sugar"/"Big Louis' Gun"
374 Hoagy Pogey "Falling in Love With You-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo"/"Nothing Better"
375 Rococo "Ultrastar"/"Wildfire"
March 376 Streak "Bang Bang Bullet"/"Black Jack Man"
377 Chris Youlden "Nowhere Road"/"Standing on the Corner"
378 Wolf "Wolf"/"Spring Fever"
379 Hemlock "Mr. Horizontal"/"Beggar Man"
380 Keef Hartley Band "Dance to the Music"/"You and Me"
381 Chicken Shack "As Time Goes Passing By"/"Poor Boy"
April 382 Boss "Mony Mony"/"Live Together"
383 Colin Areety "I Don't Want to Be Right"/"One Night Affair"
384 Fresh Meat "Never Mind the Money"/"Candy Eyes"
385 Brotherhood of Man "Happy Ever After"/"We Can Make It"
386 Stavely Makepeace "Cajun Band"/"Memories of Your Love"
387 Junior Campbell "Sweet Illusion"/"Ode to Karen" #15[22]
389 Hoagy Pogey "Wedding of the Year"/"Wham Zam"
May 388 White Plains "Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is"/"Just for a Change"
390 Howard Lee "Love Coming My Way"/"Show Me Freedom"
June 391 Principal Edwards "Captain Lifeboy"/"Nothing"
392 Northeast "A Ticket for the Game"/"Jack the Lad"
July 393 Brotherhood Of Man "Our World of Love"/"Maybe the Morning"
394 Them "Baby, Please Don't Go"/"Gloria"
396 Chicken Shack "You Know You Could Be Right"/"The Loser"
August 395 Wolf "A Bunch of Fives"/"Five in the Morning"
397 Big Foot "Lost in the Mountains"/"Double Standards"
398 Principal Edwards "Weekdaze"/"The Whizzmore Kid"
399 Kit Russell "Pepper's Last Stand"/"Shuffle Back"
September 400 Them "Here Comes the Night"/"All for Myself"
October 401 Wolf "Two Sisters"/"Go Down"
402 Keith West "Riding for a Fall"/"Days About to Rain"
403 Junior Campbell "Help Your Fellow Man"/"Pretty Belinda"
404 Brotherhood Of Man "United We Stand"/"Follow Me"
November 405 White Plains "Julie Anne"/"Sunny Honey Girl"
406 Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog"/"Matthew and Son" Reissue of two 1966 tracks

1974 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
February 407 Michael Chapman "The Banjo Song"/"Dumplings"
408 Iron Virgin "Jet"/"Midnight Hitcher"
409 Mike Hart "Son Son"/"Band News Man"
410 Keith West "Havin' Someone"/"Know There's No Livin' Without You"
March 411 Whistling Jack Smith "The Battle of Waterloo (Love Theme)"/"No Time for Punting"
April 412 Ferret "Hudson Bay"/"Henry's Song"
May 413 Robert E. Lee "One Man Band"/"Sunshine"
415 White Plains "Ecstasy"/"A Simple Man"
June 414 Junior Campbell "Sweet Lady Love"/"If I Could Believe You Darlin'"
416 Iron Virgin "Rebels Rule"/"Ain't No Clown"
July 417 Shy "Disney Girls"/"The Time That I Love You the Most"
September 418 Sweet Reason "Hundred Thousand Dollar"/"How I Wish You Needed Me"
419 Cameleon "Run May Run"/"I Go Bananas"
420 Vineyard "Charlemaine"/"Myla"
October 421 Junior Campbell "Ol' Virginia"/"Willie Sings The Blues"
422 Neil Harrison "Eyes in the Back of My Head"/"The Busker"
423 Stavely Makepeace "Runaround Sue"/"There's a Wall Between Us"
November 424 Beano "Candy Bean"/"Rock and Roll Gonna Save My Soul"

1975 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
February 425 Jimmy Scott "We All Need a Hero"/"Madeline"
March 426 Curved Air "Back Street Luv"/"It Happened Today"
April 427 Beano "Little Cinderella"/"Bye and Bye"

1977 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
January 428 Justin Hayward "One Lonely Room"/"Songwriter"
April 429 "Country Girl"/"Doin' Time"
July 430 "Stage Door"/"Lay It on Me"

1979 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
September 431 The Donkeys "What I Want"/"Four Letters"
November 432 Patrick D. Martin "I Like 'Lectric Motors"/"Time"

1980 edit

Month Cat.
Artist Title Notes
March 433 Patrick D. Martin "Luci 'Lectric"/"I Like 'Lectric Motors"/"Mutant"
May BUM 1 Splodgenessabounds "Simon Templar"/"Michael Booth's Talking Bum"/"Two Pints of Lager" #7[23]
July DET R 1 The Mo-dettes "Paint It Black"/"Bitta Truth" #42[24]
August ROLF 1 Splodgenessabounds "Two Little Boys"/"Horse"/"Sox"/"Butterfly" #26[23]
December 436 Jane Kennaway and Strange Behaviour "IOU"/"Take Me Away" #65[25]

1981–1996 edit

Month/Year Cat.
Artist Title Notes
March 1981 437 B-Movie "Remembrance Day"/"Institution Walls" #61[26]
April 1981 DMDJ 440 The Flatbackers "Serenade of Love"/"Try a Little Harder" promo only
July 1981 444 Jane Kennaway "Year 2000"/"On 84th Street"
April 1982 NANA 1 Bananarama and Fun Boy Three "Really Saying Something"/"Give US Back Our Cheap Fares" #5[27]
November 1990 KINKY 1 Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman "Kinky Boots"/"Let's Keep It Friendly" #5[28]
1996 INFLDJ 1 Pete Moore/Roland Shaw & His Orchestra "Catwalk"/"Let the Love Come Through" promo only

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