Der Traum ein Leben (opera)

Der Traum ein Leben, Op. 50, is a 1937 opera by Walter Braunfels based on Franz Grillparzer's 1834 play of the same [de].

Der Traum ein Leben
Opera by Walter Braunfels
Walter Braunfels in 1920
Based onFranz Grillparzer's play

The opera's scheduled premiere under Bruno Walter in Vienna in 1938 was cancelled by the Nazis.[1][2]



  1. ^ Michael Haas Forbidden Music: The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis 2013 0300154305 " ... life included a powerful String Quintet, three string quartets, a number of church cantatas and three large-scale stage works: Die Verkiindigung (1933—5), Der Traum ein Leben (1937), and Szenen aus dem Leben der heiligen Johanna (1939—43).
  2. ^ Opera – Volume 52, Issues 7–12 – Page 1335 2001 "Der Traum ein Leben was one among several products of the years in exile and, though a production was planned under Bruno Walter in Vienna in 1938, it was not heard until a radio broadcast by Hessische Rundfunk in 1950... Braunfels's music in Der Traum ein Leben is not as immediately lyrical as Die Vogel, nor does it have the spiritual qualities of Verkiindigung"