Der Postmeister

Der Postmeister (English: The Postmaster or The Stationmaster) is a 1940 Austrian-German film directed by Gustav Ucicky.[1] Released during the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, it depicts Russians in a sympathetic light, unlike their depiction in such films as Frisians in Peril before or GPU after.[2] It was based on The Station Master, an 1831 short story from The Belkin Tales series by Alexander Pushkin. It was remade in 1955 as Dunja. An earlier version was the French film Nostalgie (1938) with Harry Baur, directed by Victor Tourjansky.

Der Postmeister
Directed byGustav Ucicky
Written byAlexander Pushkin (short story)
Gerhard Menzel
Produced byKarl Hartl
Erich von Neusser
StarringHeinrich George
Hilde Krahl
Siegfried Breuer
CinematographyHans Schneeberger
Edited byRudolf Schaad
Music byWilly Schmidt-Gentner
Distributed byUFA
Release date
24 April 1940
Running time
92 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Kurt Herlth and Werner Schlichting. It was made in German-occupied Austria by the Wien Film company, and distributed by the UFA concern.

At the Venice Film Festival, Der Postmeister won the Mussolini Cup for best foreign film.


The daughter of a stationmaster falls in love with a cavalry captain. He persuades her to run away with him to St. Petersburg, but she realizes there that he never intended to marry her.


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