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Deputy Commander Field Army (United Kingdom)

The Deputy Commander Field Army is a senior British Army officer who serves as deputy to the Commander Field Army. It currently is held by a Army Reserve officer.


The UK Field Army was first established in 1982 when the Deputy Commander-in-Chief at UK Land Forces was designated Commander of that formation. In 1995 the designation changed to Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Land Command. The Field Army was re-established in 2003, under the LANDmark reorganisation.[1] The Commander of the Field Army had two deployable Divisions (1st Armoured Division and 3rd Mechanised Division), HQ 6th Division, Theatre Troops, Joint Helicopter Command, and Training Support under him. The post of Commander Field Army ceased to exist from 1 November 2011 following a major army command reorganisation.[2] The post of Deputy Commander Land Forces was recreated again in January 2012.[3]

Recent Deputy CommandersEdit

Recent Commanders have been:[3]
Deputy Commander-in-Chief UK Land Forces

Commander UK Field Army

Deputy Commander-in-Chief Land Command

Commander Field Army

Deputy Commander Land Forces

  • 2011-2012 Lieutenant-General Nick Carter
  • 2012- Vacant (but see below)

Recent Deputy Commanders (Reserves)Edit

In 2011 a two-star appointment was created for the officer commanding the Territorial Army; this officer has inherited the above designation. Recent Commanders for the Territorial Army/Army Reserves have been:

Deputy Commander Land Forces (Reserves)

Deputy Commander Land Forces

Deputy Commander Field Army


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