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Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa

The Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa is a judge in the Constitutional Court of South Africa and the second-highest judicial post in the Republic of South Africa, after the Chief Justice. The post, originally called "Deputy President of the Constitutional Court", was created in September 1995 by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Second Amendment Act, 1995, which was an amendment to the Interim Constitution.[1] The position was retained by the final Constitution which came into force in February 1997.[2] In November 2001 the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of South Africa restructured the judiciary, and the post was renamed to "Deputy Chief Justice".[3]

Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa
Raymond Zondo

since 7 June 2017
Style The Honourable
Nominator Judicial Services Commission
Appointer President of South Africa
Inaugural holder Ismail Mahomed
Formation 20 September 1995

The first Deputy President of the Constitutional Court was Ismail Mahomed. In 1997 he became Chief Justice, and was replaced by Pius Langa, who continued as Deputy Chief Justice after 2001. Justice Langa was elevated to Chief Justice in 2005, and succeeded by Dikgang Moseneke. Moseneke retired on 20 May 2016.

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