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Queen Jeinwondeok (제인원덕왕비 齊仁元德王妃) (15 December 1476 – 16 May 1537), of the Geochang Shin clan, was the wife and queen consort of Yi Yung, King Yeonsan, the 10th Joseon monarch. She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1494 until her husband's deposition in 1506, after which she was known as Deposed Queen Shin (폐비 신씨). She didn't receive posthumous name as a queen after her death.

Deposed Queen Shin
폐비 신씨
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1494 – 1506
Crown Princess consort of Joseon
Tenure1488 – 1494
Born15 December 1476
Kingdom of Joseon
Died16 May 1537 (1537-05-17) (aged 60)
Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseYi Yung, King Yeonsan
Posthumous name
거창군부인 居昌郡夫人
HouseGeochang Shin
FatherShin Seung-Seon
MotherPrincess Jungmo


According to the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, Shin was peaceful, respectful, gentle and discreet because of her virtues. She touched her subordinates with grace. In 1505, she was honoured with the title Queen Jeinwondeok.[1] After the Jungjong coup in 1506, King Yeonsan demoted to prince and sent into exile on Ganghwado, where he died the same year after only a few weeks.[2] Queen Jeinwondeok lost her status as queen consort and was known simply as a princess consort and her sons were sentenced to death by poisoning right after the coup, despite that the new king, Jungjong, was reluctant.[3]

Although she was deposed, Jungjong treated her generously. Her slaves in her Shin family did not leave her because of her good character. She was interred beside Yeonsan's tomb and her tombstone stated her name as Princess Consort Geochang of the Geochang Shin clan (거창군부인 신씨).



  • Father − Shin Seung-Seon (1436 – 1502) (신승선, 愼承善)
    • 1) Grandfather − Shin Jeon (신전, 愼詮)
      • 2) Great-Grandfather − Shin Yi-chong (신이충, 愼以衷)
    • 1) Grandmother − Lady Ahn of the Sunheung Ahn clan (증 정경부인 순흥 안씨, 贈 貞敬夫人 順興 安氏)
  • Mother − Princess Jungmo, Lady Heungan of the Jeonju Yi clan (정경부인 중모현주 증 흥안부부인 전주 이씨, 貞敬夫人 中牟縣主 贈 興安府夫人 全州 李氏) (1435 - ?)
    • 1) Grandfather − Yi Gu, Grand Prince Imyeong (6 January 1420 – 21 January 1469) (이구 임영대군)[4]
    • 1) Grandmother − Grand Princess Consort Jean of the Jeonju Choi clan (제안부부인 전주 최씨)


  • Older brother − Shin Soo-geun (신수근, 愼守勤) (1450 - 1506). Wives: (a) Lady Yeongga of the Andong Kwon clan (영가부부인 안동 권씨), (b) Lady Cheongwon of the Cheongju Han clan (정경부인 청원부부인 청주 한씨, 貞敬夫人 贈 淸原府夫人 淸州 韓氏); Queen Insu's first cousin once removed
    • Nephew − Shin Hong-bo (신홍보)
    • Nephew − Shin Hong-pil (신홍필) (1487 - ?)
    • Nephew − Shin Hong-jo (신홍조, 愼弘祚) (1490 - ?). Wife: Lady Im of the Pungcheon Im clan (풍천 임씨)[5]
    • Nephew − Shin Hong-woo (신홍우)
    • Niece − Queen Dangyeong (단경왕후, 端敬王后) (1487 - 1557)
  • Older brother − Shin Soo-gyeom (신수겸, 愼守謙) (? - 1506). Wives: (a) Lady Kang of the Jinsan Kang clan (정부인 진산 강씨, 貞夫人 晋山 姜氏), (b) Lady Jeon of the Damyang Jeon clan (정부인 담양 전씨, 貞夫人 潭陽 田氏)
    • Niece - Lady Shin of the Geochang Shin clan
      • Nephew-in-law - Gu Hui-gyeong (구희경, 具希璟)[6][7][8]
  • Older brother − Shin Soo-yeong (신수영, 愼守英) (? - 1506). Wife: Lady Han of the Cheongju Han clan (정부인 청주 한씨, 貞夫人 淸州 韓氏); Queen Ansun's younger sister



  • Princess Hwishin (24 October 1491 – ?) (휘신공주). Husband: Gu Moon-gyeong (구문경, 具文璟) of the Neungseong Gu clan (능성 구씨, 綾城 具氏);[9] Gu Soo-yeong's son (구수영, 具壽永) (1456 - 1523)
    • Grandson − Gu Eom (구엄, 具渰)
  • Unnamed son (1494 – 1494)
  • Deposed Crown Prince Yi Hwang (10 January 1498 – 24 September 1506) (폐왕세자 이황)
  • Unnamed son (1500 – ?)
  • Yi Seong, Grand Prince Changnyeong (18 June 1500 – 10 October 1506) (이성 창녕대군)
  • Grand Prince Yi In-soo (대군 이인수)
  • Grand Prince Yi In-soo (대군 이인수, 李仁壽) (1501 - 12 September 1503)
  • Grand Prince Yi Chong-soo (대군 이총수, 李聰壽) (1502 - 1503)
  • Grand Prince Yi Yeong-soo (대군 이영수, 李榮壽) (1503 - 1503)
  • Unnamed daughter

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Deposed Queen Sin
Geochang Shin clan
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen Jeonghyeon
of the Papyeong Yun clan
Queen consort of Joseon
1494 – 1506
Succeeded by
Queen Dangyeong
of the Geochang Shin clan