Deposed Princess Yeondeok

Deposed Princess Yeondeok of the Incheon Yi clan (Korean폐비 연덕궁주 이씨; Hanja廢妃 延德宮主 李氏; d. 4 August 1139) was a Korean queen consort as the 1st wife of her nephew, King Injong of Goryeo.[1] It was said that she was possessed beauty and gentleness, no distortion in adorning her character.[2] She was the second, alongside Queen Sundeok (initially older sister and later mother-in-law) and Princess Bokchang.

Deposed Princess Yeondeok
폐비 연덕궁주
Queen consort of Goryeo
Tenure1124–1126 (deposed)
PredecessorQueen Sundeok
SuccessorPrincess Bokchang
Died4 August 1139
Kingdom of Goryeo
(m. 1124⁠–⁠1126)
HouseIncheon Yi (by birth)
House of Wang (by marriage)
FatherYi Ja-gyeom
MotherLady Choe


Before married Injong, he still afraid if her father, Yi Ja-gyeom (이자겸), who was the most powerful man at that time, gave the throne to another princes, then his power would be dispersed and disappeared, so he forced her to become his Queen Consort.

On 8th months 1124 (lunar calendar), she formally become his Queen consort,[3] entered the Palace and was honoured as Princess Yeondeok (연덕궁주, 延德宮主).[4] Based on "Dongguk Tonggam" (동국통감), on the day she became queen, it rained a lot, the wind blew strong and the trees were uprooted.[5]

Meanwhile, on 20 June 1126 (4th year reign of Injong), her father was ousted and after that, some of Injong's servants said

"The Princess couldn't be the king's queen consort as she was closely relative from his maternal side"
(궁주는 왕의 종모(從母)이니 왕후가 될 수 없다)

Then, she and her younger sister were deposed from their position and just became Lady Yi (이씨). Even after deposed, Injong and the other reign kings kept treated her generously. She later died on 4 August 1139 without left any issue.


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