Subdivisions of Gran Colombia

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The Republic of Gran Colombia was a former independent country in northern South America, a post-Spanish colonial country that existed from 1819 to 1831. Its initial subdivisions, created in 1820, were revised and expanded in 1824.

1820 DepartmentsEdit

Gran Colombia departments in 1820.

The initial country subdivision of Gran Colombia was into three departments, without larger districts or smaller provinces. They were:

1824 Districts, departments, & provincesEdit

Gran Colombia departments in 1824.

Distrito del NorteEdit

The Distrito del Norte (northern district) was in present-day Venezuela and Brazil. Its departments and provinces were:

Distrito del CentroEdit

The Distrito del Centro (central district) was in present-day Colombia and Panamá. Its departments and provinces were:

Distrito del SurEdit

The Distrito del Sur (southern district) was in present-day Ecuador, and north of Marañón River in present-day Perú. Its departments and provinces were:

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