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Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is a large South Australian government department which provides a range of services across the three key words of its title.[1]


Ministerial ResponsibilityEdit

As at 22 March 2018, the Minister responsible for all aspects of the department's operations is the Hon. Stephan Knoll MHA, who is the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, and Minister for Planning.

Chief Executive OfficerEdit

Former Chief Executive Officer Michael Deegan, appointed on 25 July 2014[2] after the sacking of Rod Hook,[3] was sacked on 21 March 2018 by the incoming administration of Steven Marshall, following the state election of 17 March 2018.[4]


The department is structured as follows:

People and Business DivisionEdit

  • Customer Experience
  • Information Services
  • Investment Services
  • People and Performance
  • Portfolio Management Office

Safety and Service DivisionEdit

  • Asset Management
  • Operational Services
  • Project Delivery
  • Safety and Policy Programs

Development DivisionEdit

  • Architecture and Built Environment
  • Information and Strategy
  • Investment Management
  • Planning and Transport Policy
  • Property
  • Office of Recreation and Sport

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