Department of Immigration

The Department of Immigration was an Australian government department that existed between July 1945 and June 1974.

Department of Immigration
Department overview
Formed13 July 1945[1]
Preceding Department
Dissolved12 June 1974[1]
Superseding agency
JurisdictionCommonwealth of Australia
Department executives

Scope edit

Information about the department's functions and/or government funding allocation could be found in the Administrative Arrangements Orders, the annual Portfolio Budget Statements and in the Department's annual reports.

At its creation, the Department's functions were:[1]

  • Admission of contract immigrants
  • Deportation and Registration of Aliens
  • Emigration of Children and Aboriginals
  • Encouraged migration
  • Immigration
  • Indentured coloured labor
  • Nationality and Naturalization
  • Passports
  • Publication of Newspapers in foreign languages
  • Repatriation of destitute Australians

Structure edit

The Department was a Commonwealth Public Service department, staffed by officials who were responsible to the Minister for Immigration.[1]

References edit

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