Deodatus of Nevers

Deodatus (Dié, Didier, Dieudonné, Déodat, Adéodat) of Nevers (d. June 19, ca. 679 AD) was a bishop of Nevers from 655. Deodatus lived with Arbogast in the monastery of Ebersheim, established by Childeric II near Sélestat in the forest of Haguenau.

Saint Deodatus of Nevers
The Glorification of Deodatus
Bornpossibly Ireland
Died679 AD
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Canonized1049 by Pope Leo IX
FeastJune 19
Attributesdepicted with hand stretching to thunder clouds or exorcising a woman
Patronageinvoked for rain, and against thunderstorm, evil spirits, and plague[1]


Deodatus' establishment of the monastery Juncturae (Jointures) in the present town of Saint-Dié followed his appointment as the bishop of Nevers. He placed Jointures under the Rule of Saint Columban (later changed to that of Saint Benedict).

He baptized the son of Saint Hunna (Una), who was also named Deodatus and who is also venerated as a saint.[2] Hunna's son became a monk at Ebersheim.

After 664 Deodatus renounced his see to withdraw to the so-called valley of "Galilaea" in the Vosges, where he lived as a hermit in a cell.[3]

Tradition states that he died in the arms of Saint Hidulphus, bishop of Treves.


The town of Saint-Dié grew up around the monastery of Jointures. However, some sources connect the name with an earlier saint, Deodatus of Blois (d. 525).[4]


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