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Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (電脳警察サイバーコップ, Dennō Keisatsu Saibākoppu, Computer Police Cybercop) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series. First created in 1988 by Toho Enterprises, the show was an attempt to create a Tokusatsu series using a Super Sentai motif, but the idea was dropped after the unaired pilot. The series itself still slightly resembled a sentai show, with most of the protagonists wearing color-coordinated armor. The show was broadcast on NTV and aired from October 2, 1988 to July 5, 1989.


In the year 1999, crime has overrun Tokyo city, Japan. Hopelessly outmanned and outgunned, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force decides to set up a special taskforce to combat the dire situation. Codenamed “ZAC” (Zero-Section Armed Constable), this police department is designed for special missions. For this cause, the police scientists developed the "Bit Suits", three high-powered armors outfitted with the latest technology: Mars, Saturn and Mercury. In the first episode, a mysterious young man, Shinya Takeda, appears from nowhere and saves the day after using his own armor, the Jupiter Bit Suit. Following his victory, he joins ZAC in battling the evil organization Death Trap, ruled by the ruthless Baron Kageyama, whose goal is to use the computers' will-power to gain world domination and appears to be mysteriously linked to Takeda's past.


  • Shinya Takeda/Jupiter: An amnesiac found by the Interpol rescue team, Takeda was assigned to ZAC due to him donning the Jupiter Bit Suit (an advanced version of the newly-designed Bit Suits) and in hopes of unraveling his past. While he has a very sunny disposition and is often very fun-loving, he has a considerable temper that can escalate into a “battle rage” when fighting opponents. When this happens, Jupiter is able to summon his own Cyber Arm, the Cyber Thunder Arm, and the Cyber Shield through a process called Cyber Boming, which ultimately destroys his enemies. Later, it is revealed that Takeda is a time traveller from the 23rd century (a future where the sentient machines waged war against humans) and was brought to 1999 by a time-space portal rift opened after the Babylon Tower (an strategical machine HQ) was blown up. Along with him, Lucifer and Kageyama were also transported. His original codename was "Z226" (Z-Double Two Six). His Jupiter Bit Suit, as well as the Cyber Thunder Arm came with him to the past. In the end of the series, he goes back to the 23rd century with Lucifer and Tomoko, who asks to go with them to fight for a better time.
  • Tomoko Uesugi: Backup ZAC officer for the Cybercop. Due to financial problems, her armor, Venus Bit, was never built. Monitors and assists with the maintenance of Cybernation and Black Chamber systems. Falls in love with Takeda and accompanies him back to the 23rd century by the end of the series. Carries the standard ZAC firearm, the S.D. Gun.
  • Akira Houjyo/Mars: The team leader, Akira's father committed suicide when he was 8 years old, making him to become rebellious and to use his intelligence to hack the system of the enterprise in which his father worked in, eventually bankrupting it. After that, he was practically raised by Captain Oda, who wished to use the kid's high capacity for something beneficial. Cool under pressure and has a strong sense of duty and honor. Became top of his class at the Police Academy and was formerly an elite officer with the Tokyo Police Department. His armor is designed specifically to provide heavy artillery and firearms support. Due to the size of his suit, is one of the slower units and hampers Hojyo’s movements a bit. His armor is outfitted with “Stabilize Gear”, which brace his armor when he uses his heavy guns.
  • Ryoichi Mouri/Saturn: A happy-go-lucky and a jokester, Mori is the team’s resident “mood maker”. He does not enjoy fighting, eventually doing it because of his duties. He has a younger brother and three younger sisters. His armor is equipped with numerous sensory and communication equipment which help aid the team in tracking down enemies and collecting data. His helmet antenna and his shoulder parabola sonar units can perform a wide range of surveillance, reconnaissance and tracking duties, making it the most vulnerable Bit Suit.
  • Osamu Saiyonji/Mercury: Sayionji’s is the resident hand-to-hand combat specialist. His brother was also a cop, as Osamu always wanted to follow his steps. However, his brother was killed in action while investigating a case. From that point on, Osamu's mother tried to preserve him from the danger and risks of being a cop. Despite his moments of conflict, Osamu is very brave and has a great fighting spirit. His armor is the most lightweight of the armors and affords him extreme flexibility in movement and speed albeit at the cost of defense and protection. His unit is the fastest of the “Cyber Bit” armors and he can travel at incredible speeds (his unit is equipped with air brakes which aid him in stopping). Mercury also has access to the “Linear Speeder” skates which enables him to traverse at speeds of up to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h). The skates can be controlled via brainwave controls in the Bit Suit helmet.
  • Lucifer: Takeda's ex-partner in the future, was also transported with him and Kageyama to the 20th century through the same time-space portal. At first, his only wish is to avenge his dead comrades, targeting Jupiter as his nemesis and challenging him to a death confront. He allies with Baron Kageyama believing Takeda was the traitor who murdered his companions. Eventually, it is revealed that Kageyama was the mole. From then, Lucifer decides to aid the Cybercops without joining the group, helping them in battle more often than not. Lucifer's bit, along with Jupiter's, is the most powerful of the Bit Suits, as it is more equipped and enhanced than the others. Armed with two high-power pistols called Impulse Magnum, two machine-guns which come from his back to shoulders, the Pulsar Cannon, Gigamax and the Cyber Graviton, an energy absorber-releaser on his chest.

Other ZAC MembersEdit

  • Captain Hisayoshi Oda: Sometimes strictly wrapped around young men who are kind and gently give instructions. Because of their personality the members' trust is also thick. Sometimes you say a cold pun.
  • Shimazu Mizue: Second In Command. ZAC 's secretary and cap representative. She support Oda and sometimes take command when Oda is absent. There used to be a past where she became love with a bit suit researcher, but he is a victim of a missile that hit the laboratory. She is about ZAC's work which uses a bit suit to say also as his child through single bachelors.
  • Daisuke Yazawa: ZAC computer operator. He gather information and analyze, and assist strategy. Abundant knowledge of computer and science.
  • Miho Asakura: Communication officer of ZAC. Natural blur. The way of speaking has a slightly lingering impression. An ordinary girl who will always run away against the ZAC's duty to throw out his life.

Death TrapEdit

The goals of the Death Trap organization are to eliminate all humankind on Earth and supplant the world with computer and silicon lifeforms.

Led by the maniacal and crazed computer program “Führer” Soutou (Despot Führer), the “Death Trap” launches a number of terrorist attacks against Tokyo, using its army of “Death Droids” and battle mecha.

It is later revealed that the “Despot Führer” was in actuality a computer entity from the 23rd century which was sent back in time to usurp control of the world. The computer was built by a human - future criminal mastermind Baron Kageyama, who planned on ruling the world by taking over the past. Baron Kageyama, who had also created Madame Durwin, Einstein, Ploid and Luna, later merges himself with Despot Führer to become a superhuman entity.

The “Death Trap” consists of three crime organizations listed below. All of their leaders turn out to be androids created by Baron Kageyama.

The Ominous Gang

Led by the evil criminal Professor Einstein, his gang consists of specially designed black armored Ominous Death Droids which can be customized with a number of deadly weapon attachments. Prof. Einstein’s brain was transplanted with the brain of a leading Hi-Tech/Cybernetics expert. Using this newfound knowledge he is able to unlock the mysteries of “Super Physics” (Cho Rion Butsuri) to modify his Ominous droids.

The Harkos Gang

Led by the feline-like Madam Durwin who commands the ghostly white Harcross Death Droids. These can also be outfitted with a number of deadly weapon attachments affording them a great deal of versatility and customization. Durwin was an expert in biology and genetics. Thus her name, which was a play of Charles Darwin, a famous naturalist.

Durwin was ordered to destroy the train tracks which the Cybercops were also traveling on with Luna, after learning Luna was an android. As Durwin warned Luna, Luna was nevertheless killed by baron Kageyama, who showed puzzlement over why his most beautiful creation would betray him. Luna said: "You could never understand the feelings of a puppet! You became a doll without human feelings!" After Luna exploded, the Baron confessed he loved her, as it's impossible to be a perfect doll by not having feelings and by thus being dangerous.

The Garoga Gang

Led by the hulking Doctor Arthur Ploid, his Garogoid (Hie Ningen Gata Mecha <Non-Humanoid Mecha>) army is composed of monstrous mecha creations and robots. His brain was replaced with a leading expert in psychology Arthur C. Ploid, a scientist who died in 1937. Ploid is a specialist in grand scale attacks and psychological warfare. He carries an electrified whip.


Later yet another gang is incorporated into the “Death Trap”:

Beast Master Luna and The Four Kings

Luna is Professor Enstein's sister. She managed to avenge her brother’s death at the hands of the Cybercops. Luna had assembled four super soldiers who would help her defeat the CyberCops:

  • Tiger – armed with razor sharp boomerangs which he could use to behead his enemies.
  • Salamander – who was armed with an electric charged whip.
  • Turtle – who had superhuman strength and the ability to emit fire bursts.
  • Hawk – a master martial artist whose hands and feet were armed with razors.

She later fell in love with Akira, who is her brother's rival, only to discover after joining him that she was an android and all her memories were false. Luna died protecting Akira from an energy blast by Baron Kageyama.


  • In 1994, all original armor, as well as the cyber weapons, ZAC police costumes and androids Harkos and Ominös were imported by Sato Company in Brazil and used to exhaustion in circus shows, copying the success already had in Jaspion circus. In 2003, Nelson Sato put the original armor for sale at an auction on the internet. Upon receiving false bids and disrupt the auction, he gave up selling them, anyway, the armor of Mars was acquired by a fan known only as "Burai."

Episode listEdit

Episode 14 ended up airing on January 15, 1989 because Emperor Shōwa died on January 7; and on April 5, the day that Episode 25 aired, the show began airing on Wednesdays instead of Sundays.

  1. The Strongest Cop! Jupiter is Born (最強の刑事!ジュピター登場, Saikyō no Keiji! Jupitā Tōjō) (Original Airdate: October 2, 1988)
  2. The City Vanishes! Help the Marine City (街がしずむ!海上都市を救え, Machi ga Shizumu! Kaijō Toshi o Sukue) (Original Airdate: October 9, 1988)
  3. Invest! The Cyborg Tank (激突!サイボーグタンク!, Gekitotsu! Saibōgu Tanku!) (Original Airdate: October 16, 1988)
  4. Traffic Panic! The Computer's Trap (交通パニック!コンピューターの罠, Kōtsu Panikku! Konpyūtā no Wana) (Original Airdate: October 23, 1988)
  5. The Prince of Danger! The Escape from the Dark Zone (危うし王子!ダークゾーンからの脱出, Ayaushi Ōji! Dāku Zōn kara no Dasshutsu) (Original Airdate: October 30, 1988)
  6. The Targeted Oda! ZAC's Great Pinch (狙われた織田!ZAC大ピンチ, Nerawareta Oda! ZAC Dai Pinchi) (Original Airdate: November 6, 1988)
  7. The Assassin Jet!! Tokyo's Urban Strike (殺人ジェット!!東京市街戦, Satsujin Jetto!! Tōkyō Jigaisen) (Original Airdate: November 13, 1988)
  8. The Dangerous Electric Usine! Tokyo's Dark Crisis (危うし電子ダム!東京暗黒作戦, Ayaushi Denko Damu! Tōkyō Ankoku Sakusen) (Original Airdate: November 20, 1988)
  9. The Racing Machine!! Blade Liner Appears (激走マシン!!ブレードライナー登場, Gekisō Mashin!! Burēdo Rainā Tōjō) (Original Airdate: November 27, 1988)
  10. The Ghost Hotel!? Zombies Everywhere (幽霊ホテル!?ゾンビがいっぱい, Yūrei Hoteru? Zonbi ga Ippai) (Original Airdate: December 4, 1988)
  11. The Tank in the Sky!! The Highway's Death Match (空とぶ戦車!!ハイウェーの死闘, Sora Tobu Sensha!! Haiuē no Shitō) (Original Airdate: December 11, 1988)
  12. Dragon Dance! The Strange Christmas (ドラゴンが舞う!ふしぎなXマス, Doragon ga Mau! Fushigi na X Masu) (Original Airdate: December 18, 1988)
  13. The Satellite Falls! Jupiter is a Martyr!? (衛星が落ちる!ジュピター殉職!?, Eisei ga Ochiru! Jupitā Junshoku!?) (Original Airdate: December 25, 1988)
  14. Takeda's Secret!! Behold the Future's Illusion (武田の秘密!!まぼろしの未来を見た, Takeda no Himitsu!! Maboroshi Mirai o Mita) (Original Airdate: January 15, 1989)
  15. Change the Future!! Jupiter the Warrior of Hope (未来を変えろ!!希望の戦士ジュピター, Mirai o Kaero!! Kibō no Senshi Jupitā) (Original Airdate: January 22, 1989)
  16. The Messenger from Hell!? Lucifer is Born (地獄の使者!?ルシファー登場, Jigoku no Shisha!? Rushifā Tōjō) (Original Airdate: January 29, 1989)
  17. Lucifer's Revenge!! The Devil's Challenge (ルシファーの逆襲!!悪魔の挑戦状, Rushifā no Gyakūshū!! Akuma no Chōsenjō) (Original Airdate: February 5, 1989)
  18. Boming is Impossible!! The Giant UFO Appears (ボミング不能!!巨大UFO現わる, Bomingu Funō!! Kyodai UFO Arawaru) (Original Airdate: February 12, 1989)
  19. Uesugi's Revolt!! The Watch Out Policewoman (上杉の反乱!!危ない女刑事, Uesugi no Hanran!! Abunai Onna Keiji) (Original Airdate: February 19, 1989)
  20. The Rising Lethal Weapon!! Gigamax's Might (うなる必殺武器!!ギガマックスの威力, Unaru Hissatsu Buki!! Gigamakkusu no Iryoku) (Original Airdate: February 26, 1989)
  21. The 5th Cop!? The Ultimate Cyber Lucifer (5人目のコップ!?究極のサイバー・ルシファー, Goninme no Koppu!? Kyūkyoku no Saibā Rushifā) (Original Airdate: March 5, 1989)
  22. The Fake Cybers!! ZAC's Absolute Decease (にせサイバー!!ZAC絶体絶命, Nise Saibā!! ZAC Zettaizetsumei) (Original Airdate: March 12, 1989)
  23. The Final Deadly Technique!! Cybernic Wave (最後の必殺技!!サイバニック・ウェーブ, Saigo no Hissatsu Waza!! Saibānikku Uēbu) (Original Airdate: March 19, 1989)
  24. The Firing Missile!! Death Trap Base Attack (ミサイル発進!!激突デストラップ基地, Misairu Hasshin!! Gekitotsu Desutorappu Kichi) (Original Airdate: March 26, 1989)
  25. The Female Warrior of Terror! Luna is Born (恐怖の女戦士!ルナ登場, Kyōfu no Josenshi! Runa Tōjō) (Original Airdate: April 5, 1989)
  26. Fight the Invisible Fortress!! (見えない要塞をたたけ!!, Mienai Yōsai o Tatake!!) (Original Airdate: April 12, 1989)
  27. The Damaged Cyber Bit!! (こわれたサイバービット!!, Kowareta Saibā Bitto!!) (Original Airdate: April 19, 1989)
  28. The City Air Explosion! The Balloon Bomb (シティ空爆!飛行戦爆弾, Shiti Kūbaku! Kikōsen Bakudan) (Original Airdate: April 26, 1989)
  29. Uesugi's Assassination! The Hurry Up Cop (上杉暗殺!いそげコップ, Uesugi Ansatsu! Isoge Koppu) (Original Airdate: May 10, 1989)
  30. Run Through the Devil's Mount (悪魔の山を走りぬけ!!, Akuma no Yama o Hashirinuke!!) (Original Airdate: May 17, 1989)
  31. The Stolen Thunder Arm (奪われたサンダーアーム, Ubawareta Sandā Āmu) (Original Airdate: May 24, 1989)
  32. The Frightened Loft!! (おそわれたロフト!!, Osowareta Rofuto!!) (Original Airdate: May 31, 1989)
  33. Protect the Linear Car! (リニアカーをまもれ!, Rineakā o Mamore!) (Original Airdate: June 7, 1989)
  34. The End of Death Trap!! (デストラップのさいご!!, Desutorappu no Saigo!!) (Original Airdate: June 14, 1989)
  35. Request Top 10 Special Part 1 (リクエスト・トップ10特集 Part1, Rikuesuto Toppu Ten Tokushū Pātto Wan) (Original Airdate: June 28, 1989)
  36. Request Top 10 Special Part 2 (リクエスト・トップ10特集 Part2, Rikuesuto Toppu Ten Tokushū Pātto Tsu) (Original Airdate: July 5, 1989)


Guest StarsEdit



Opening theme
  • "A Roar To Tomorrow Cyber Heart" (明日への叫び ~サイバー・ハート, Asu e no Sakebi Cyber Heart)
Ending theme
  • "Shooting Star" (シューティングスター) (1-33, 35-36)
  • "Brand New Tomorrow" (34)
    • Lyrics: Shun Taguchi
    • Composition: VAX POP
    • Arrangement: Ryo Kunihiko (Kunihiko Ryo)
    • Artist: Mika Chiba