Dennie Gordon

Dennie Gordon is an American film and television director. Her directorial television credits include Party of Five, Sports Night, Ally McBeal, The Practice, Grounded for Life, The Loop, White Collar, Burn Notice, Hell on Wheels, Waco, Thailand: Exotic and Delicious, and other series. She has also directed the feature films Joe Dirt, New York Minute and What a Girl Wants.

Dennie Gordon
Dennie Gordon on set.jpg
Dennie Gordon on set
EducationGustavus Adolphus College (BA)
Yale University (MFA)
OccupationFilm director, television director
Years active1994–present

In 2000, Gordon won the DGA Award for DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Musical/Variety for episode of the HBO series, Tracey Takes On... starring Tracey Ullman.[1] She is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and the Yale School of Drama.[2][3]



Year Title Director Writer
2001 Joe Dirt Yes No
2003 What a Girl Wants Yes No
2004 New York Minute Yes No
2013 My Lucky Star Yes Yes

Television SeriesEdit

Year Title Director Executive
1995 Picket Fences Yes No Episode: "Witness for the Prosecution"
1996 Chicago Hope Yes No Episodes: "Life Lines"
1996 Relativity Yes No Episodes: "No Job Too Small"
1996-1997 Party of Five Yes No Episodes: "Hitting Bottom", "Christmas", and "Deal with It"
1997 Michael Hayes Yes No Episode: "Radio Killer"
1997 Nash Bridges Yes No Episode: "Sniper"
1998 Dawson's Creek Yes No Episodes: "Crossroads"
1999 Tracey Takes On... Yes No Episodes: "End of the World", "Books", "Scandal", "Hair", "Drugs", and "Dating"
1999 Snoops Yes No Episodes: "Bedfellas"
1998-1999 Sports Night Yes No Episodes: "A Girl Named Pixley", "The Reunion", "Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks", and "Shoe Money Tonight"
1997-2000 Ally McBeal Yes No Episodes: "Out in the Cold", "Love Unlimited", "Theme of Life", and "The Kiss"
1999-2000 Jack & Jill Yes No Episodes: "The #@$%!*& Future", "Animal Planet: Part 1", "Not Just a River in Egypt"
2001 DAG Yes No Episodes: "Guns and Roses" and "Prom"
2002 Glory Days Yes No Episodes: "Pilot"
2001-2002 Grounded for Life Yes No Episodes: "Dust in the Wind", "Safety Dance", "Take It to the Limit", "We Are Family", "Don't Let Me Download", and "Like a Virgin"
2005 Beautiful People Yes No Episodes: "Point and Shoot" & "Pilot"
2005 Everybody Hates Chris Yes No Episodes: "Everybody Hates Christmas"
2005 Kitchen Confidential Yes No Episodes: "Rabbit Test"
2006 The Office Yes No Episodes: "Boys and Girls" and "The Secret"
2006 What About Brian Yes No Episode: "What About Secrets..."
2007 30 Rock Yes No Episode: "The Fighting Irish"
2007 The Wedding Bells Yes No Episode: "Partly Cloudy, with a Chance of Disaster"
2006-2007 The Loop Yes No Episodes: "Fatty", "Yeah, Presents", The Phantom, and "The Year of the Dog"
2007 12 Miles of Bad Road Yes No Episode: "Collateral Verbiage"
2008 Samantha Who? Yes No Episode: "The Birthday"
2009 The Ex List Yes No Episodes: "The Other Foot" and "Daphne's Idealized Wedding"
2010 The Deep End Yes No Episode: "An Innocent Man"
2010 True Jackson, VP Yes No Episode: "True Date"
2010 Notes from the Underbelly Yes No Episode: "The Weekend"
2010 The Good Guys Yes No Episode: "Silvio's Way"
2010 The Glades Yes No Episode: "Breaking 80"
2010 Hellcats Yes No Episode: "Think Twice Before You Go"
2011 The Cape Yes No Episode: "Scales"
2009-2011 Royal Pains Yes No Episodes: "A History of Violins" and "If I Were a Sick Man"
2011 Outsourced Yes No Episode: "Take This Punjab and Shove It"
2009-2011 White Collar Yes No Episodes: "Dentist of Detroit", "Vital Signs", and "Threads"
2011 Suits Yes No Episode: "Dirty Little Secrets"
2009-2013 Burn Notice Yes No Episodes: "Brother in Arms", "Under the Gun", "Eyes Open", "Hard Times", "Fast Friends", "Good Intentions", "End Run", and "Sins of Omission"
2014 Rectify Yes No Episode: "Sleeping Giants"
2013-2014 Hell on Wheels Yes No Episodes: "Reckoning", "Chicken Hill", and "Range War"
2015 12 Monkeys Yes No Episode: "Paradox"
2015 Grace and Frankie Yes No Episode: "The Sex"
2015 Under the Dome Yes No Episode: "Legacy"
2014-2015 Madam Secretary Yes No Episodes: "Lights Out", "The Rusalka", "The Necessary Art", and "Need to Know"
2016 Bloodline Yes No Episode: "Part 18"
2016 Feed the Beast Yes No Episode: "In Lies the Truth" and "Tabula Rasa"
2014-2016 Kingdom Yes No Episodes: "Cut Man", "Help Wanted", "The Gentle Slope", and "Animator/Annihilator"
2016 Empire Yes No Episode: "The Unkindest Cut"
2017 Legion Yes No Episode: "Chapter 7"
2015-2017 Power Yes No Episodes: "New Man" and "You're Not the Man"
2018 Waco Yes No Episodes: "Stalling for Time" and "Of Milk and Men"
2018 Goliath Yes Yes Episodes: "Tongue Tied", "Who's Gabriel", "Fresh Flowers", and "Alo"
2019 Jack Ryan Yes Yes Episodes: "Persona Non Grata", "Dios y Federación", and "Blue Gold"
2020 AJ and the Queen Yes No Episode: "Fort Worth"
2020 Hunters Yes No Episode: "At Night, All Birds Are Black"
2020 Warrior Yes No Episodes: "Enter the Dragon"



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