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Deng Chao (simplified Chinese: 邓超; traditional Chinese: 鄧超, born 8 February 1979) is a Chinese actor, comedian, director and singer. He is a cast member of the popular variety program, Keep Running. His recent films, The Breakup Guru (2014), The Mermaid (2016) and Duckweed (2017) are among the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time in China. In 2017, Deng was crowned Best Actor at the Golden Rooster Awards for his performance in The Dead End (2015).[1]

Deng Chao
110925 电影《画壁》首映见面会 邓超.闫妮等 渣渣图 (1).jpg
Native name
Born (1979-02-08) 8 February 1979 (age 40)
Alma materCentral Academy of Drama
Years active2000–present
AgentDeng Chao Studio
Sun Li (m. 2010)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese鄧超
Simplified Chinese邓超




During his third year of study at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Deng achieved recognition from his performance in stage plays Cui Hua, Serve Suancai and Please. After graduation, he started filming dramas. He rose to fame with the 2003 historical television series The Young Emperor[2] and further achieved recognition in director Gao Xixi's military drama romance Happiness as Flowers,[3] which marked his image transformation.[4]

2008–2010: Increasing recognitionEdit

Due to his rising popularity, Deng scored a role in Feng Xiaogang's war film Assembly.[5] The film was well received by the audience and won critical acclaim. Deng won the Best Supporting Actor at the Hundred Flowers Awards, successfully making his crossover to the big screen.[6] The same year, he co-starred in Cao Baoping's romantic thriller The Equation of Love and Death[7][8] and was awarded the Society award at the Golden Phoenix Awards for his performance.[9]

In 2010, he starred in Tsui Hark's action-mystery film Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, playing an albino detective named Peng Dong Lai.[10] He earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards.[11] Deng next starred in fantasy film Mural (2011), directed by Gordon Chan and adapted from the renowned ghost novel "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio".[12] In 2012, he signed on to play Cold Blood in The Four trilogy, based on Woon Swee Oan's novel series Si Da Ming Bu (The Four Great Constables).[13][14]

2013–2015: Directorial works and Keep RunningEdit

In 2013, Deng starred as one of the three male leads in Peter Chan's film American Dreams in China, about three young men from poor backgrounds who achieved success by establishing a reputable English teaching school.[15] The film was a commercial success[16] and earned positive reviews. Taipei Times call the movie a "a well-executed work of entertainment that preaches about China’s growing power" and praised Deng for "delivering a focused performance as an idealist with a defeated ego".[17]

Deng made his directorial debut with The Breakup Guru (2014), a romantic comedy starring himself and Yang Mi.[18] Though it faced stiff competition from Hollywood blockbusters, the film grossed 180 million yuan in its opening week and ended up as one of the highest-grossing films in China that year.[19] The same year, he joined Keep Running, a remake of the South Korean variety program Running Man.[20] Keep Running enjoyed explosive popularity in China.[21] That year, Deng was chosen as the Most Valuable Chinese Actor.[22]

Deng then starred in crime film The Dead End directed by acclaimed director Cao Baoping,[23] and was praised by critics for "breathing life into the role with riveting performances", as well as his chemistry with co-star Duan Yihong. He shared the Best Actor award with co-stars Duan and Guo Tao at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival,[24] and won another Best Actor trophy at the Golden Rooster Awards.[25] Deng teamed up again with Yu Baimei for the comedy film Devil and Angel, following the success of The Breakup Guru. However, unlike its predecessor, the film was voted the Most Disappointing Film of 2015 and received criticism for its poor approach to comedy.[26][27]

2016–present: Success on the big screenEdit

In 2016, Deng starred in renowned director Stephen Chow's film The Mermaid.[28] He plays a playboy businessman who falls in love with a mermaid that had been sent to assassinate him.[29] The Mermaid became the highest grossing Chinese film of all time then.[30] Deng next starred in romance film I Belonged to You, based on a novel of the same name about a romance between two disc jockeys.[31] The film was a success and broke box office sales record for a romantic drama film.[32]

Due to his success on the big screen, CBN Weekly named him the 3rd most commercially valuable celebrity in China;[33] and the most lucrative actor on China's big screen.[34]

In 2017, Deng starred in Han Han's comedy film Duckweed, playing a rebellious car racer who thinks that his parents misunderstood him.[35] The sleeper hit gained commercial and critical success.[36][37] He next starred in the suspense crime film, The Liquidator, based on the bestselling crime novel series Evil Minds: City Light and directed by acclaimed TV director Xu Jizhou.[38]

In 2018, Deng starred in Zhang Yimou's historical film, Shadow.[39]

Other activitiesEdit

In 2016, Deng and long-time partner Yu Baimei (who co-directed The Breakup Guru and Devil and Angel) set up their own theater, the Super Theater.[4]

Personal lifeEdit

Deng is married to actress Sun Li since 2010. They have two children, a son named Deng Han Zhi and a daughter named Deng Han Yi.[40]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2003 When Love Loses Its Memory 当爱情失去记忆 Li Buxiao
2007 Assembly 集结号 Zhao Erdou
2008 The Equation of Love and Death 李米的猜想 Fang Wen
爱情呼叫转移2 Yuan Jia [41]
2009 The Founding of a Republic 建国大业 Xu Beihong Guest appearance[42]
2010 Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame 狄仁杰与通天帝国 Bei Donglai
2011 Perfect Baby 巴黎宝贝 Ma Xiaoshun [43]
The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 Chen Yi
Mural 画壁 Zhu Xiaolian
2012 The Four 四大名捕 Leng Xie
2013 American Dreams in China 中国合伙人 Meng Xiaojun
The Four II 四大名捕2 Leng Xie
2014 The Breakup Guru 分手大师 Mei Yuangui also director and producer
The Four III 四大名捕3 Leng Xie
2015 Jian Bing Man 煎饼侠 Deng Chao Cameo
The Dead End 烈日灼心 Xin Xiaofeng
Hundred Regiments Offensive 百团大战 Zhang Zizhong Cameo[44]
Devil and Angel 恶棍天使 Mo Feili also director and producer
2016 The Mermaid 美人鱼 Liu Xuan
I Belonged to You 从你的全世界路过 Chen Mo
2017 Duckweed 乘风破浪 Xu Tailang
The Liquidator 心理罪:城市之光 Fang Mu
Sky Hunter 空天猎 Cameo
2018 Shadow Zihu / Jingzhou
2019 Looking Up 银河补习班 [45]

Television seriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2001 The Joy of Spring 换了青春 Liang Dawei
2003 The following is the fertile soil of sand 黄沙下面是沃土 Wang Heiyuan
The Young Emperor 少年天子 Shunzhi Emperor
2004 Beijing Holiday 北京假日 Liu Xiaodong
谍战之特殊较量 Zhao Zhiqiang [46]
2005 The Royal Swordsmen 天下第一 Zheng De [47]
Happiness as Flowers 幸福像花儿一样 Bai Yang
Young Kangxi 少年康熙 Kangxi Emperor [48]
明末风云 Chongzhen Emperor [49]
风流才子翻转天 Kuang Nanhai
2006 爱了散了 Chen Feng [50]
Young Justice Bao III 少年包青天3 Bao Zheng [51]
New Stars in the Night 新昨夜星辰 Zhou Xinbang [52]
2007 Silent Tears 女人不哭 Zhao Jian [53]
2008 Romantic West St. 浪漫的西街 Hu Dawei [54]
甜蜜蜜 Lei Lei [55]
Rich Man Poor Love 钻石王老五的艰难爱情 Meng Hao [56]
2009 Human Love 人间情缘 Li Xiaojun [57]
Medic 军医 Lin Bingkun [58]
The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 Zhang Wuji [59]
2010 You're My Brother 你是我兄弟 Ma Xuejun [60]
2011 Love of Yan'an 延安爱情 Peng Chengdou [61]
2014 Ten Years of Love 相爱十年 Xiao Ran [62]
2017 Master Healing 复合大师 Mei Yangui Special appearance[63]

Variety showEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2014–2018 Keep Running 奔跑吧 Cast member


Year English title Chinese title Album Notes
2002 "Forever Farewell" 永相别 The Young Emperor OST
2005 "Only Need You" 只要有你 Young Justice Bao III OST with Jin Minjia
2006 "Tian Mi Mi" 甜蜜蜜 Tian Mi Mi OST with Sun Li
"The Moon Represents My Heart" 月亮代表我的心
2008 "Brothers" 兄弟 Assembly OST
"I Will Grow Up Today" 今天就长大 N/A Theme song of Jiayou, 2008!
2009 "Hua Xia Hero" 华夏英雄 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber OST
"Bloom" 绽放 N/A Theme song of 18th Golden Rooster Awards
2010 "A Bright Moon is Born on the Sea" 海上生明月 N/A Promotional song for the Shanghai World Expo
"Promise" 诺言 You're My Brother OST
2011 "Xuan Yuan Legend 轩辕传奇 N/A Theme song for Xuan Yuan Legend game
Mural 画壁 Mural OST with Sun Li
2012 "Dreams Won't Die" 梦不死 The Four OST
2013 "The Proverb of Love" 爱的箴言 Ten Years of Love OST
"The Story of Time" 光阴的故事 American Dreams in China OST with Huang Xiaoming & Tong Dawei
2014 "Hello World" N/A The Breakup Guru OST
"The Echoes of the Mountain Valley" 山谷里的回声
"Sweet Chocolate" N/A
"Super Hero" 超级英雄 N/A Theme song of Keep Running
"Brahmas Lullaby" 摇篮曲 N/A
2015 "The Song of Little Tail" 小尾巴之歌 The Dead End OST
"Your Majesty, I Am Wrong" 娘娘我错了 Devil and Angel OST
"Alphabet Song" 字母歌
"Love in the World" 有情世间
2016 "Undefeatable" 无敌 The Mermaid OST
"Love Song of Broadcast Station" 电台情歌 I Belonged to You OST
2017 "Luan Mu's Wood Guitar" 乱炖的木吉他 Buddies in India OST
"Ride the Winds, Break the Waves" 乘风破浪歌 Duckweed OST

Awards and nominationsEdit


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