Deng (surname)

Deng is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin. It is a transcription of (simplified Chinese character) or (traditional). It is transliterated as Dèng in pinyin and Teng, or Then, in Wade-Giles. In Cantonese, it is Dahng in Yale and Dang6 in Jyutping. In Minnan or Taiwanese, it is Tēng in Pe̍h-ōe-jī. The surname originating from the same Chinese character in Vietnamese is Đặng and it is one of the top ten surnames in Vietnam. The name is transliterated as Deung in Korean but is very rare in Korea. Deng is one of the surnames of the Nanyang, Henan ancestral hall (南陽堂).

RomanizationTeng ( Wade-Giles
Cantonese: Dahng (Yale), Dang6 (Jyutping)
Minnan/Taiwanese: Tēng ( Pe̍h-ōe-jī)
Vietnamese: Đặng
Korean: Deung )
Word/nameNanyang, Henan ancestral hall (南陽堂)

In 2019 Deng was 21st most common surname in Mainland China.[1]

In addition to spelling "Deng" used in mainland China, other common Chinese spelling variations include:

Notable persons with the surnameEdit

Deng Xiaoping (邓小平)

Notable people with surname 邓/鄧 (pinyin "Dèng") who use "Tang" in EnglishEdit

G.E.M. (鄧紫棋)
  • Tang Tsz-kei, better known as G.E.M. (born 1991), Hong Kong singer
  • Stephy Tang (born 1983), Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress
  • Sheren Tang Shui-man (born 2 March 1966) is a Hong Kong actress
  • Chris Tang Ping-keung, PDSM (Chinese: 鄧炳強, born 4 July 1965 with family roots in Dongguan, Guangdong) is the current Commissioner of Police of the Hong Kong Police Force since 19 November 2019
  • Alan Tang Kwong-Wing (20 September 1946 – 29 March 2011) was a Hong Kong film actor, producer and director.
  • Patrick Tang is a Hong Kong singer, actor, and TV show host who has been involved in numerous drama and movie productions
  • Shermon Tang Sheung Man (Chinese: 鄧上文) is a Hong Kong television actress of Hakka ancestry
  • Natasha Tang (born Tang Wing Yung, Chinese: 鄧穎欣; Jyutping: dang6 wing6 jan1; 23 August 1992) is a Hong Kong distance swimmer
  • Billy Tang Hin-Shing (Chinese: 鄧衍成) is a Hong Kong film director
  • Robert Tang Kwok-ching, GBM, SBS, JP (Chinese: 鄧國楨; born 7 January 1947) a retired Hong Kong judge

Sudanese nameEdit

Deng is also a common first or last name used among the tribes of South Sudan, shared by the Dinkas, Nuers and Shilluks. It has various meanings; for instance, it means "Rain" in Dinka. The Dinkas also believe that the most powerful god, ruler of all gods, is Deng[citation needed].


Given nameEdit

  • Deng Adel (born 1996), South Sudan-born Australian basketball player


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