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Laredo Demonstration Farm

A demonstration farm is a farm which is used primarily to demonstrate various agricultural techniques, with any economic gains being an added bonus. Demonstration farms are often owned and operated by educational institution or government ministries. It is also common to rent land from a local farmer. The leaser is allowed to perform their demonstrations, while the land owner can be paid for the land usage or may be given the resulting crops.[1]

Many demonstration farms not only have crops, but may also have various types of livestock. Various techniques for feeding and bedding are tested on these farms. Demonstration farms run by universities are not only used for research, but are also used for teaching purposes. The Ontario Agricultural College operates a demonstration farm in which students take active participation in their classes.

There has also been an expanding number of demonstration farms which are used to test various forms of renewable energy, primarily wind turbines and solar panels.[2]

List of demonstration farmsEdit


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