Democratic Union of Slovakia

The Democratic Union of Slovakia (Slovak: Demokratická únia Slovenska, DEÚS) was a political party in Slovakia led by Jozef Moravčík.[2]

Democratic Union of Slovakia

Demokratická únia Slovenska
LeaderJozef Moravčík
Founded23 April 1994
Dissolved25 March 1995
Merger ofAlternative of Political Realism and Alliance of Democrats of Slovakia
Merged intoDemocratic Union
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Political positionCentre[1]


The party was created on 23 April 1994 by a merger of Alternative Political Realism and the Alliance of Democrats of Slovakia. In the parliamentary elections in September/October that year the party received 8.6% of the vote, winning 15 of the National Council.[3]

On 25 March 1995 the party merged with the National Democratic Party to form the Democratic Union.


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