Democratic Reforms Party

The Democratic Reforms Party (Azerbaijani: Demokratik İslahatlar Partiyası) is an Azerbaijani political party established on May 27, 2005.

Democratic Reforms Party
Demokratik İslahatlar Partiyası
AbbreviationDİP (Azerbaijani)
LeaderAsim Mollazade
FounderAsim Mollazade
Founded27 May 2005 (2005-05-27)
Registered12 August 2005 (2005-08-12)
Split fromAzerbaijani Popular Front Party
HeadquartersNeftchilar Avenue 65, Sabail raion, Baku
Political positionCentre-right
Colours  Blue
National Assembly
1 / 125

35 / 15,156

The party's first congress took place on July 4, 2005, where the party's program and memorandum were accepted, members of its Political Council and General Revision Committee were elected. Party's congress also elected Asim Mollazade, a member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, as the party's first chairman. The following people became members of its Political Council:

  1. Asim Mollazade
  2. Rauf Talyshinsky
  3. Ingilab Ahmedov
  4. Nazim Abdullayev
  5. Eduard Chernin
  6. Elkhan Agamirzayev
  7. Gulnara Mamedova
  8. Murad Rahimov
  9. Mardan Afandiyev
  10. Eldar Jahangirov
  11. Ilgar Huseynov

The members of the Central Revision Committee:

  1. Chingiz Abdullayev
  2. Roman Temnikov
  3. Ilkin Hasanov

At the initiative of Asim Mollazade, the Chief Editor of popular "Echo" Newspaper, Rauf Talyshinsky, was appointed as Deputy Chairman for Political matters, Ingilab Ahmedov - Deputy Chairman for Economic matters, and Nazim Abdullayev, president of "NNN" Group of Companies, - Deputy Chairman for Entrepreneurship.

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