Democratic People's Party (Montenegro)

The Democratic People's Party (Serbian: Демократска народна партија / Demokratska narodna partija, DNP) is a populist and social conservative political party in Montenegro.

Democratic People's Party

Demokratska narodna partija
Демократска народна партија
LeaderMilan Knežević
FoundersMilan Knežević
Predrag Bulatović
FoundedSeptember 2012 (citizen's group)
21 March 2015 (political party)
Split fromSocialist People's Party
Political positionFiscal: Centre-left
Social: Right-wing
National affiliationDemocratic Front
5 / 81
Municipal Parliaments
20 / 786


The Democratic People's Party was founded in 2015 from the former Socialist People's Party (SNP) faction led by Milan Knežević and Predrag Bulatović which left the Party and joined the Democratic Front alliance as an independent group, prior the October 2012 parliamentary election.[2] DNP currently has four MPs in the Parliament of Montenegro elected from the list of the Democratic Front alliance on 2016 election.

On 9 May 2019, paty leader Milan Knežević, along with 13 another people found guilty by the Higher Court in Montenegro for the "plotting to commit terrorist acts and undermine the constitutional order of Montenegro on the day of 2016 parliamentary election."


The party views the Serb community, which it represents, as discriminated against. It sees Montenegro as pursuing the concept of a nation-state and the politics of assimilation. Serbs and Montenegrins are viewed of as being one and the same people. It demands that the Serbian language enters the Constitution of Montenegro as the official language. The party is currently the main advocate of Serbian-Montenegrin unionism, together with its coalition partner the New Serb Democracy.[3]

The Democratic People's Party jointly with New Serb Democracy maintains cooperation with Russian far-right Rodina and United Russia parties as well with Serb nationalist Alliance of Independent Social Democrats from Bosnia and Herzegovina,[4] and the party also maintains a very close cooperation with the right-wing populist Serbian Progressive Party regime in Serbia.


Parliamentary electionsEdit

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Coalition Government
2012 82,773 22.82%
3 / 81
  3 DF opposition
2016 77,784 20.32%
4 / 81
  1 DF opposition
2020 133,261 32.55%
5 / 81
  1 ZBCG gov't support

Presidential electionsEdit

President of Montenegro
Election year # Candidate 1st round vote % 2nd round % Notes
2013 2nd Miodrag Lekić 154,289 48.79% Independent, support
2018 2nd Mladen Bojanić 111,711 33.40% Independent, support


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