Democratic Peasants' Party–Stere

The Democratic Peasants' Party–Stere (Romanian: Partidul Țărănesc-Democrat–Stere, PȚD–Stere) was a political party in Romania.


The party was established by Constantin Stere after he left the National Peasants' Party. In the 1931 general elections PȚD–Stere ran in an alliance with the League against Usury (LCC). The alliance received 2.8% of the vote, winning six seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The LCC took one seat and the PTD–Stere took five.[1] The party ran alone in the 1932 elections, receiving 1.4% of the vote and losing all five seats. It later merged into the new Radical Peasants' Party established the following year.

Electoral historyEdit

Legislative electionsEdit

Election Votes % Chamber Senate Position
1931 80,570 2.8
5 / 387
0 / 113
1932 41,454 1.4
0 / 387
0 / 113


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