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The Democratic Pact for Catalonia (Catalan: Pacte Democràtic per Catalunya, PDC or PDpC) was a Catalan electoral coalition that contested the Spanish general election on June 15, 1977 for the Congress of Deputies. It was officially registered on May 3, 1977,[1] and focused his speech on the need to approve a statute of autonomy for Catalonia. The coalition consisted of:[2]

Democratic Pact for Catalonia

Pacte Democràtic per Catalunya
LeaderJordi Pujol
FoundedMay 3, 1977 (1977-05-03)
IdeologyCatalan nationalism
Catalan autonomism
Political positionBig tent

It obtained 514,647 votes (16.68% of the vote in Catalonia, 2.81% of the votes in Spain) and 11 deputies, of which 5 were for CDC, 4 for PSC-R and 2 of EDC. Its leader was Jordi Pujol. Shortly after the elections the coalition broke: the PSC-R joined the PSOE and the PSC-C to form the PSC, while CDC (in which EDC was merged in 1978) joined Democratic Union of Catalonia (UDC) to form Convergence and Union (CiU).


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Electoral performanceEdit

Congress of DeputiesEdit

Congress of Deputies
Election Spain Catalonia Status
Vote % Seats Vote % Seats
1977 514,647 (#6) 2.81
11 / 350
514,647 (#4) 16.88
11 / 47


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