Democratic Opposition of Serbia

The Democratic Opposition of Serbia (Serbian: Демократска oпозиција Cрбије, romanizedDemokratska opozicija Srbije), commonly referred to as DOS, was a wide alliance of political parties in Serbia, intent on ousting the ruling Socialist Party and its leader, Slobodan Milošević.[1][2]

Democratic Opposition of Serbia
Демократска oпозиција Cрбије
Demokratska opozicija Srbije
Leader18 leaders of member parties;
chiefly Zoran Đinđić (DS) and Vojislav Koštunica (DSS)
FoundedJanuary 10, 2000 (2000-01-10)
DissolvedNovember 18, 2003 (2003-11-18)
IdeologyCatch-all coalition
Chamber of Citizens of the FRY (2000)
58 / 138
Chamber of
Republics of
the FRY
10 / 40
National Assembly of Serbia (2000)
176 / 250


Its presidential candidate, Vojislav Koštunica, defeated Milošević in the 2000 general election, while the DOS secured a majority of seats in the National Assembly.[1] The coalition was able to form a government and selected Zoran Đinđić for Prime Minister.[1][3]

Koštunica's Democratic Party of Serbia left the coalition government in July 2001, in protest of the governments decision to extradite Slobodan Milošević to the ICTY, and officially left the coalition in July next year. Social democracy was pushed into the opposition in May 2001 after a split in the party, as the faction which was eventually recognized by the Supreme Court of Serbia as the legitimate name bearer, was not regarded as such by the DOS, which transferred all the positions held by the party members to the other faction's adherents. That faction, having not received the legal recognition, had merged in July 2002 with the Socialdemocratic Union into the Social Democratic Party. In March 2003, after a split in this party, the Socialdemocratic Union was renewed, still being a member of the DOS, while the Social Democratic Party was excluded from the coalition in November 2003, after having announced that it would support the opposition's demand for government's depose. In May 2003, New Serbia was excluded from the coalition after a series of conflicts with the other members. In 2003, New Democracy was renamed into the Liberals of Serbia, and the Association of Free and Independent Trade Unions has founded the Labour Party of Serbia, to which it transferred its membership in the DOS.[1]

Dragoljub Mićunović, the DOS candidate, performed poorly in the 2003 presidential election and was even beaten by 11% by Tomislav Nikolić, candidate of the nationalist Serbian Radical Party. Since only 38% of the electors voted, the presidential election was cancelled for the third time in a row. Therefore, the DOS was disbanded on 18 November 2003. The disbanding was mostly decided by the Democratic Party, the party founded by the then Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić, who was assassinated on 12 March 2003.[1]

Member partiesEdit

Name Leader Ideology Political position
Democratic Party
Демократска странка
Demokratska stranka
Zoran Đinđić Social liberalism
Democratic Party of Serbia
Демократска странка Србије
Demokratska stranka Srbije
Vojislav Koštunica National conservatism
Christian democracy
G17 Plus
Г17 плус
G17 plus
Miroljub Labus Liberal conservatism
Center to center-right
Social Democracy
Vuk Obradović Social democracy
Civic Alliance of Serbia
Грађански савез Србије
Građanski savez Srbije
Goran Svilanović Liberalism
Christian Democratic Party of Serbia
Демохришћанска Странка Србије
Demohrišćanska Stranka Srbije
Vladan Batić Christian democracy
New Serbia
Нова Србија
Nova Srbija
Velimir Ilić Christian democracy
Center-right to right-wing
Movement for a Democratic Serbia
Покрет за демократску Србију
Pokret za demokratsku Srbiju
Momčilo Perišić Serbian nationalism
Center-right to right-wing
League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina
Лига социјалдемократа Војводине
Liga socijaldemokrata Vojvodine
Nenad Čanak Social democracy
Reformists of Vojvodina
Реформисти Војводине
Reformisti Vojvodine
Miodrag Isakov Social democracy
Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians
Савез војвођанских Мађара
Vajdasági Magyar Szövetség
József Kasza Hungarian minority interests
Liberal conservatism
Democratic Alternative
Демократска Алтернатива
Demokratska Alternativa
Nebojša Čović Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Democratic Centre
Демократски центар
Demokratski centar
Dragoljub Mićunović Social liberalism
Social democracy
Center to center-left
New Democracy
Нова Демократија
Nova Demokratija
Dušan Mihajlović Liberalism
Social Democratic Union
Социјалдемократска унија
Socijaldemokratska unija
Žarko Korać Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Center-left to left-wing
People's Peasant Party
Народна Сељачка Странка
Narodna Seljačka Stranka
Dragan Veselinov Vojvodina autonomism
Sandžak Democratic Party
Санџачка демократска партија
Sandžačka demokratska partija
Rasim Ljajić Bosniak minority interests
Social conservatism
Center-right to right-wing
League for Šumadija
Лига за Шумадију
Liga za Šumadiju
Branislav Kovačević Šumadija autonomism
Center to center-left
Association of Free and Independent Trade Unions
Асоцијација слободних и независних синдиката
Asocijacija slobodnih i nezavisnih sindikata
Dragan Milovanović Syndicalism
Democratic socialism
Center-left to left-wing
Srđa Popović Social liberalism

Electoral resultsEdit

FR YugoslaviaEdit

Chamber of CitizensEdit

Year Votes Percentage Seats Ballot carrier Control
2000 2,040,646 45.00%
58 / 138
Vojislav Koštunica Coalition government


Year Candidate # 1st round votes % of vote # 2nd round votes % of vote
2000 Vojislav Koštunica 1st

Republic of SerbiaEdit

National AssemblyEdit

Year Popular vote % of popular vote Seats Ballot carrier Control
2000 2,402,387 64.09%
176 / 250
Zoran Đinđić Majority government


Year Candidate # 1st round vote % of vote # 2nd round vote % of vote
2002[a] Miroljub Labus 2nd 995,200 27.92 2nd 1,516,693 31.62
2003[a] Dragoljub Mićunović 2nd 893,906 35.42 N/A
  1. ^ a b Election declared invalid due to low turnout

Positions heldEdit

Major positions held by Democratic Opposition of Serbia members:

President of FR Yugoslavia Party Years
Vojislav Koštunica Democratic Party of Serbia 2000–2002
President of the Chamber of Citizens
of the Federal Assembly of Yugoslavia
Party Years
Dragoljub Mićunović Democratic Centre 2000–2003
Prime Minister of Serbia Party Years
Zoran Đinđić Democratic Party 2001–2003
Zoran Živković Democratic Party 2003
President of the National Assembly of Serbia Party Years
Dragan Maršićanin Democratic Party of Serbia
Nataša Mićić Civic Alliance of Serbia 2001–2003
Chairmen of the Executive Council of Vojvodina Party Years
Đorđe Đukić Democratic Party 2000–2004
President of the Assembly of Vojvodina Party Years
Nenad Čanak League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina 2000–2003
Mayor of Belgrade Party Years
Milan St. Protić New Serbia 2000–2001
Radmila Hrustanović Civic Alliance of Serbia 2001–2003
Governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia Party Years
Mlađan Dinkić G17 Plus 2000–2003

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