Democratic Movement (Israel)

The Democratic Movement (Hebrew: תנועה דמוקרטית, Tnu'a Demokratit) was a short-lived political party in Israel formed in the aftermath of the spectacular breakup of Dash. Founded in 1978, it lasted only until 1981.

Democratic Movement
תנועה דמוקרטית
LeaderYigael Yadin
Founded14 September 1978
Dissolved10 March 1981
Split fromDemocratic Movement for Change
Political positionCentre
Most MKs7 (1978-1980)
Fewest MKs4 (1980-1981)


The party was formed on 14 September 1978 when Dash split into three new parties just sixteen months after having come third in the 1977 elections. Seven MKs, including Dash leader Yigael Yadin, founded the Democratic Movement, seven created Shinui (Change) and one set up Ya'ad.

Unlike Shinui, which pulled out, the new party remained part of Menachem Begin's coalition government, with Yadin as deputy Prime Minister and Shmuel Tamir as Minister of Justice.

However, like its predecessor, the Democratic Movement also broke up. In 1980 four MKs left the party; Mordechai Elgrably left on 5 February to sit as an independent MK (he later helped form the Unity Party), on 8 July Shafik Asaad and Shlomo Eliyahu left to form Ahva (which also split before the next elections), whilst Akiva Nof left on 17 September, also to join Ahva. The party was officially dissolved on 10 March 1981, with its remaining members, Tamir, Yadin and Binyamin Halevi, sitting out the remainder of the Knesset session as independents.

List of Knesset membersEdit

Name Years in office Government roles Other roles Notes
Shafik Assad 1978–1980 Left party to join Ahva
Shlomo Eliyahu 1978–1980 Left party to join Ahva
Mordechai Elgrably 1978–1980 Left party to sit as an independent
Binyamin Halevi 1978–1981
Akiva Nof 1978–1980 Left party to join Ahva
Shmuel Tamir 1978–1981 Minister of Justice
Yigael Yadin 1978–1981 Deputy Prime Minister Party leader

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