Delovoy Tsentr (Kalininsko–Solntsevskaya line)

Delovoy Tsentr (Russian: Деловой центр, eng:Business Center) is a station of the Moscow Metro's Kalininsko–Solntsevskaya line that opened on 31 January, 2014 and closed on 24 February 2018.[1] The station served the Moscow International Business Center, after which it was named.

Delovoy Tsentr

Деловой центр
Moscow Metro station
Delovoj Centr MosMetro station 01-2015 with train.jpg
LocationPresnensky District
Central Administrative Okrug
Coordinates55°44′57″N 37°32′22″E / 55.7491°N 37.5395°E / 55.7491; 37.5395Coordinates: 55°44′57″N 37°32′22″E / 55.7491°N 37.5395°E / 55.7491; 37.5395
Owned byMoskovsky Metropoliten
Line(s)Moskwa Metro Line 8A.svg Kalininsko–Solntsevskaya line (Solntsevsky radius)
Depth25 metres (82 ft)
Opened31 January 2014; 7 years ago (2014-01-31)
12 December 2020; 2 months ago (2020-12-12) (reopening)
Closed24 February 2018; 3 years ago (2018-02-24)
Delovoy Tsentr is located in Moscow Metro
Delovoy Tsentr
Delovoy Tsentr
Location within Moscow Metro

The station served as the terminus of the line until its closure. Services initially ran westward to Park Pobedy, but from 2017, the functioning line extended onward to Ramenki. This station closed in February 2018 for an indefinite, but extended period. Trains on that line bypass Delovoy Tsentr and run directly to Shelepikha where it continues along the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line.[1]

The original route of the Solntsevskaya branch of the line through Delovoy Tsentr reflected the fact that the branch does not have an active rail yard. Trains would shift from Delovoy Tsentr to the Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line and onward to the Izmailovo yard. As the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line uses the Izmailovo yard, trains operate along the new route to Petrovsky Park and onward to the yard.[2] In the meantime, there is no timeline for Delovoy Tsentr to reopen. However, it could be several years as completion of the central branch of the line to Tretyakovskaya has not yet begun.[1]


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