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On the Method of Dealing with the Rebellious Peoples of Valdichiana

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On the method of dealing with the Rebellious Peoples of Valdichiana (Italian: Del modo di trattare i popoli della Valdichiana ribellati)[1] is a 1503 work by Italian political philosopher and historian Niccolò Machiavelli.

A short excerpt in English may be found in Allan Gilbert's Machiavelli Volume One.

In 1503, one year after his missions to Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli wrote a short work, Del modo di trattare i sudditi della Val di Chiana ribellati (On the Way to Deal with the Rebel Subjects of the Valdichiana). Anticipating his later Discourses on Livy, a commentary on the ancient Roman historian, in this work he contrasts the errors of Florence with the wisdom of the Romans and declares that in dealing with rebellious peoples one must either benefit them or eliminate them.[2]

Machiavelli also was a witness to the bloody vengeance taken by Cesare on his mutinous captains at the town of Sinigaglia (December 31, 1502), of which he wrote a famous account.[3] In much of his early writings, Machiavelli argues that “one should not offend a prince and later put faith in him.”


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