Deivamagal (lit. God's daughter) is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera starring Vani Bhojan and Krishna. It was broadcast on Sun TV initially from Monday to Friday and later extended to Saturday at 8 PM from 25 March 2013 to 17 February 2018 for 1,466 episodes. This Serial ruled TRP King in No.1 Position For 5 Years.The show replaced S. Kumaran's successful soap, Thirumathi Selvam and replaced by Nayagi. Deivamagal is currently retelecasting in Kalaignar TV from 1 March 2021 and later extended to Saturday at 07:00PM.[1][2]

Deivamagal TV series.jpg
GenreSoap opera
Written byV. K. Amirtharaj
C. U. Muthuselvan
Ezhil Varadhan
Vasu Bharathi
Nandhan Sridharan
Directed byS. Kumaran
Creative directorRadhika Srinivasan
StarringVani Bhojan
Rekha Krishnappa
Theme music composerKiran
Opening theme"Kaalai Ezhunthathum"
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1,466
ProducerB. Srinivasan
CinematographyS. T. Martz
EditorS. Nielstein
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 18-22 minutes per episode
Production companyVikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd
Original networkSun TV
Original release25 March 2013 (2013-03-25) –
17 February 2018 (2018-02-17)

The show is produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd and director by S. Kumaran. This serial was shot in Pollachi, Chennai, Chengalpet, Hyderabad, Kerala, Puducherry, Cuddalore and Climax scene shot in One Island. This is the first TV serial shot in the Bay of Bengal.[3]


The story mainly revolves around Prakash (Krishna), his wife Sathyapriya (Vani Bhojan) and his eldest sister-in-law Gayathri's conspiracies against their families to acquire Prakash's ancestral property Jai Hind Vilas.

Sathyapriya grows up in rich family in the village of Poongodi. Her parents Sundaram and Sampoornam were loving. She has two younger siblings, Dharani and Anjali. Sundharam arranges marriage for Sathya with Karthik, a businessman. Unfortunately, Karthik and Sathya's wedding is halted. Due to this, Sundharam dies of a heart attack. After her father's death, Sathya and her family moved to her uncle Devaraj's house in Chennai. There, Sathya and her family suffer much because of Devaraj's greedy wife Saroja. Saroja starts to take revenge on Sathya's family as Sundaram had rejected her son, Suresh's, marriage proposal with Sathya. Saroja determines to chase Sathya and her family from her house.

Then there is Jaihind Vilas family where Chidambaram is head of the family and proud fan of Mahatma. Chidambaram and his wife, Janaki, have four children. The elder Kumar is married to Gayathri, and they have a daughter Monisha. The second son Raju is lazy and sleeps at home all day. He has a wife Thilaga, who stays with her mother. They have their only daughter, and the youngest, Ragini, who goes to college. Their third son, Prakash, is short-tempered. Prakash's attempts to pass exams and get a government job are spoiled by Gayathri. Gayathri rules the family. The family is forced to do all the work for her except Prakash. Gayathri wants to take the Jai Hind Vilas property all for herself. Prakash is aware of this and obstructs her attempts to get the property.

Gayathri, works as a GM in star hotel where Sathya joins to work to support her family.

Devaraj and Sampoornam want Sathya and Suresh to get married, but Saroja disapproves of it and arranges a marriage alliance with another girl. Meanwhile, Sathya gets introduced to Prakash's parents and Prakash himself. Her meeting with Prakash and subsequent sessions does not go well. Nevertheless, they become good friends, after Sathya saves Prakash even though he wanted to abuse her. Prakash protects Sathya's sister Dharani from some youths with evil intentions. This leads to him to fall for her innocence, and he decides to marry her. Dharani, who is in love with her cousin Suresh, does not like it. In the meantime, Prakash arranges house for Sathya's family after Saroja chases them out. Sathya meets Karthik and works at his office. Karthik's mother, Annapoorani realises her mistake for stopping Sathya's marriage to her son and decides to get Sathya married to Karthik, as Karthik still loves her.

On the wedding day of Prakash and Dharani, Gayathri provokes Dharani to elope with Suresh. When she does, Gayathri humiliates Prakash by saying that not even a single girl wants to marry him. Prakash gets angry and forces Sathya to marry him, to win over Gayathri. Sathya accepts as Sampoornam begs her. Thus, Sathya accepts what her mother Sampoornam says and marries Prakash. However, Prakash is happy to think that he has defeated his sister-in-law Gayathri in the challenge. Later, Prakash takes his wife Sathya with him to his house Jai Hind Vilas. At the temple, Suresh marries Dharani and brings her to Devaraj's home but Saroja chases them out.

Sathya, Sampoornam and Anjali disown Dharani. Devaraj accepts Suresh and Dharani. Saroja wants to separate Dharani from her son but Dharani outwits her. A further argument between Prakash and Suresh leads to a rocky relationship between the two families. Meanwhile, Sathya and Prakash understand and fall in love with each other. Prakash gets into a quarrel with Sathya's mother and prevents her from meeting her mother. Unable to go against Prakash, Sathya agrees. Sathya gets pregnant, and meanwhile, Saroja plans to separate Dharani from Suresh. She puts poison in her own drink and accuses Dharani of mixing it. Suresh chases Dharani from their house and she attempts suicide.

A lady saves Tharani from killing herself. But, she is revealed to be an evil woman who plans to sell Dharani. Prakash saves Dharani from the lady. Dharani does not understand them and stays adamant with them. Due to several things, Sathya has a miscarriage, and hides it from Prakash. No one knows the truth apart from Sathya's mother, sister and Prakash's sister-in-law, Thilaga. When Sampoornam accidentally blurts out the truth, Prakash is infuriated and chases Sathya out. He refuses to talk to her. When finally, after accepting fate, he changes his mind and goes to propose to her, but he is stabbed by some goons who messed with Sathya and Prakash in the past but survived. Sathya and Prakash start to care more for each other. Meanwhile, Suresh still suspects Dharani for poisoning his mother. Later, when the truth comes out, Devaraj and Suresh disown Saroja and chase her from their house. Suresh later accepts Dharani and her innocence.

Prakash and Sathya join the government and become officers besides the troubles given by Gayathri. Later, Prakash shows the true colors of Gayathri in front of Jai Hind Vilas family and then, Kumar beats and expels her from Jaihind Vilas. Now, Gayathri joins her hands with Nambi, a businessman who loves Gayathri. Gayathri again troubles Prakash and Jaihind Vilas with help of Nambi but Prakash and Sathya stand against her and manage her evil plans to save his property from her. Kumar then marries Akila, a widow, and has a son, while Gayathri creates many obstacles in their life but Prakash protects the family. Sathya becomes pregnant again. Gayathri was losing everything and was defeated by Prakash. Further, frustrated Gayathri kidnapped Nambi. Then, Sathya was arrested during pregnancy. Later, Prakash found all of Gayathri's evil acts and saved Nambi from her and had Sathya released, but Gayatri shot Nambi from a distance and escaped.

During the mean time, Gayathri is abscond and an IPS officer Mantra(look alike of Gayathri) is appointed to find Gayathri. Gayathri killed Mantra and went to her place to disguise as Mantra. Sathya and Prakash found Mantra is killed and applied the case in court. Court appoints a new officer ACP Samuel Raja to find the truth behind Mantra and Gayathri. After a few struggles, Gayathri is arrested, but escapes from police with a pistol and shoots Akila in front of Kumar and Prakash and kidnaps Moni. The next day she had kidnapped Maha and decides to kill her to win Prakash. Prakash and Sathya search for the two kids along with the ACP Samuel Raja. First they rescued Moni but While rescuing Maha, Prakash shoots Gayathri as a self-defense and sentenced to prison for six years. After that, Prakash and Sathya lived happily with their children in the Jaihind Vilas.



  • Vani Bhojan as Sathyapriya "Sathya" Prakash, Prakash's wife, Sundaram and Sampoornam's daughter, Dhaarani and Anjali's sister(01-1466)
  • Krishna as "Prakash" Chidambaram, Sathyapriya's husband, Kumar, Raju and Ragini's brother, Gayathri's brother-in-law(44-1466)
  • Rekha Krishnappa as in a dual roles
    • Gayathri "Anniyar", Kumar's ex-wife, Prakash's ex-sister-in-law, shot by Prakash, killed by Kumar(42-1466) (Main Antagonist)
    • Manthra Devi IPS, Gayatri's look alike, killed by Gayathri(1267-1417)[4]


  • Prakash Rajan as Kumaravel "Kumar" Chidambaram, Prakash's eldest brother(42-1466)
  • Arvind Khathare as Rajasekar "Raju" Chidambaram, Prakash's second eldest brother(42-1466)
  • Anitha Venkat / Sindhu Shyam as Thilagavathy Raju, Prakash's second sister-in-law(56-1466)
  • SVS Kumar as Chidambaranadan "Chidambaram", Prakash's father, a Gandhian(42-1466)
  • Vennira Aadai Nirmala as Janakiammal "Janaki" Chidambaram, Prakash's mother(42-1466)
  • Ganesh as Ramamoorthy "Moorthy", husband of Gayatri's sister(42-1466)
  • Suhasini as Vinodhini Devi Moorthy, Gayatri's sister, who commits suicide.(42-1429)
  • Suchitra as Akila Kumar, Kumar's second wife and Prakash's first sister-in-law, who was killed by Gayathri.
  • R. Radha as Sathyakala, Moorthy's second wife(01-40, 1074–1466)
  • Rajalakshmi Chandu / Surekha as Sampoornam Sundaram, Sathya, Dhaarani and Anjali's mother.(01-1466)
  • Auditor Sridhar as Devaraj, Saroja's husband, Suresh and Sujatha's father, Sampoornam's brother, Dharani's father-in-law. Sathyapriya's uncle.(01-1466)
  • Sabitha Anand as Saroja, Devaraj's wife, Suresh and Sujatha's mother, Dharani's mother-in-law, Sathyapriya's aunt(01-1333)
  • Siddharth Venkatesh as Sureshkumar "Suresh" Devaraj, Dharani's husband, Sathyapriya's cousin(41-1325)
  • Shabnam as Dharani, Suresh's wife. Sathyapriya's first younger sister(01-1325)
  • Udumalai Ravi as Ekambaram, Prakash's friend
  • Ashok Kumar as Ashok, Prakash's friend
  • Manush as Arivudai Nambi, killed by Gayatri(700-1086)
  • Subramanian Gopalakrishnan / Yesakkiappan as Karthikeyan "Karthik" Annapoorani, Sathya's ex-fiancé, Sujatha's husband.(02-1333)
  • Sunitha (2013-2015) / Sonia (2015-2016) / Sunitha (2016-2018) as Sujatha, Devaraj and Saroja's daughter. Karthik's wife and Sathyapriya's cousin.(41-1466)
  • Usha Sai as Anjali Gunasekaran, Sathya and Dharani's younger sister.(01-1466)
  • Suresh Joshua as Gunasekaran Dharmalingam, Anjali's husband.
  • Revathee Shankar as Usha Rani Shankar
  • Sivalingam Babu as Shankar
  • VJ Sam /Raghul as Vasanthakumar "Vasanth" Shankar
  • Nisha Krishnan / Vanitha Hariharan as Ragini Vasanth, Prakash's younger sister.
  • Sreeja as Monisha Kumar, Kumar and Gayathri's daughter.
  • Sanjana Sree as Mahalakshmi Prakash, Prakash and Sathya's daughter.
  • Krithika as Mahalakshmi Raju, Raju and Thilagavathi's daughter
  • Sribala as Raviraj "Ravi" (Akhila's brother-in-law)
  • Meesai Rajendran as Dharmalingam "Lingam"(1123-1422)
  • Ravi as Ganesaperumal "Ganesh", Saroja's tenant and sidekick, Moorthy's best friend.
  • Gracey as Vijaya Ganesh, Saroja's tenant and sidekick(41-1324)
  • Anbalaya Prabhakaran as Sundaramoorthy "Sundaram", Sampoornam's late husband, Sathya, Dharani and Anjali's father.(01-40)
  • Raju Sathish as Sathish, Prakash's friend
  • Saravanan as Saravanan, Prakash's friend
  • Sai Vairam as Senthil, Prakash's friend
  • Karthick Chandra as ACP Samuel Raja IPS(1422-1466)
  • Anuradha as Annapoorani, Karthik's mother, Sujatha's mother-in-law.(02-1466)
  • Aravish as Sathishkumar "Sathish" Prabhakaran
  • Nivisha as Sangeetha Sathish Prabhakaran, Moorthy's niece
  • Sekar Muthu Raja as Aravindkrishnan "Aravind", Minister Nallathambi's relative
  • Sasikala Shree as Vasanthi
  • Ameya Nair as Anamika, Prakash's ex-girlfriend, who was killed in a bomb blast(1293-1364)
  • Balaji as Amar, IPS Mantra Gayatri Devi 's husband
  • Mercy as Malarvizhi Venkatesh, Nambi's sister
  • Bhavani as Sathyakala's mother
  • Durai Mani as Velliangiri, Sathyakala's ex-husband, who is killed by Gayathri
  • Deepa as Mangama, a supporter of Gayathri in the climax(1450-1464)

Original soundtrackEdit

Title songEdit

The title song was written by lyricist Yugabharathi, composed by music director Kiran. It was sung by Naresh Iyer.


1."Kaalai Ezhunthathum
(காலை எழுந்ததும்)"
YugabharathiNaresh Iyer3:00
2."Thannir Kudam Pola
(தண்ணீர்குடம் போலே)"
3."Moodaadhe paasu kadhavu
(மூடாதே பாசு கதவு)"


The series was directed S. Kumaran and was produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd, along with the production crew of 2001–2016.

Awards and nominationsEdit

Deivamagal awards and nominations
  1. ^ Certain award groups do not simply award one winner. They recognize several different recipients, have runners-up, and have third place. Since this is a specific recognition and is different from losing an award, runner-up mentions are considered wins in this award tally. For simplification and to avoid errors, each award in this list has been presumed to have had a prior nomination.
Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
2013 Tamil Nadu State Television Awards[5] Best Serial Deivamagal Won
Best Negative Role Female Rekha Krishnappa Gayathri Won
Best Dubbing Artist-Male Krishna Prakash Won
Best Dubbing Artist-Female Vani Bhojan Sathya Priya Won
2014 Sun Kudumbam Awards[6] Best Serial Deivamagal Won
Best Mamanaar S. V. S. Kumar Chidambaram Won
Best Screenplay Ve. Ki. Amirtharaj Won
Best Director S. Kumaran Won
Best Negative Role Female Rekha Krishnappa Gayathri Won
Devathaigal Vani Bhojan Sathyapriya Won
Best Actor Male Lead Krishna Prakash Nominated
Best Actress Female Lead Vani Bhojan Sathyapriya Nominated
Best Mamiyaar Vennira Aadai Nirmala Janaki Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Male Auditor Sridhar Devaraj Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Female Sindhu Shyam Thilaga Raju Nominated
Best Sister Award Shabnam Dharani Nominated
Best Comedian Male Ganesh Moorthy Nominated
Best Dialogue Writer Vasu Bharathi Nominated
Best Dubbing Artist-Male Krishna Prakash Nominated
Best Dubbing Artist-Female Vani Bhojan Sathyapriya Won
2015 Vikatan Awards[7] Best Serial Deivamagal Won
2016 Won
2017 Won
2018 Won
Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal Best Actress Vani Bhojan Sathyapriya Won
Best Actor Krishna Prakash Won
Best Villain Rekha Krishnappa Gayathri Won
Best Director S.Kumaran Won
Best Serial Deivamagal Won


Language Title Original release Network(s) Last aired Notes
Tamil Deivamagal 25 March 2013 Sun TV 17 February 2018 Original
Malayalam Bhagyalakshmi 3 February 2014 Surya TV 14 October 2016 Remake
Telugu Jabilamma 24 February 2014 Gemini TV 11 September 2015
Kannada Chandra Chakori 2 June 2014 Udaya TV 19 September 2014


In the first eight weeks of 2017, the series was the highest-rated primetime Tamil television series.[8] In weeks 42 and 43 of 2017, it was at second position.[9][10]

International broadcastEdit

The series was released on 25 March 2013 on Sun TV and also aired on Sun TV HD. The show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.

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