Degreed is an education technology company. Degreed is based in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Salt Lake City, UT, New York, London, Brisbane, Australia and Leiden, The Netherlands.[1]

Degreed, Inc.
IndustryWorkforce upskilling
  • David Blake (Executive Chairman of the Board)
  • Eric Sharp (former CTO / Advisor)
  • David Wiley
HeadquartersPleasanton, CA Salt Lake City, UT
Key people
  • David Blake (CEO)
  • Chris McCarthy (Strategic Advisor and Board Member)
  • Scott Smith (CTO)
  • Kat Kennedy (CXO)
  • Jeff Sherlock (CPO)
  • Marc Eberhart (CMO)
  • TJ Williams (CSO)
  • Nate Kimmons (Chief of Staff)
  • Kelly Palmer (CLO)
  • Degreed for Me
  • Degreed for Enterprise
  • Degreed Skill Certification



David Blake, David Wiley, and Eric Sharp founded Degreed in March 2012.[1]

In November 2012, Degreed launched an early Beta to 20,000 users who joined as 'Founding Scholars' to the platform[2]In January 2013, following a crowdfunded launch, Degreed launched to the public.

In the fall of 2014, the company launched the Degreed for Enterpris[citation needed]e platform.[3][4]

In March 2016, Degreed acquired European education technology startup, Gibbon.[5]

In June 2018, Degreed acquired New York–based online learning provider, Pathgather.[6]

In December 2019, Degreed acquired London-based total talent platform, Adepto.[7]

In July 2022, Degreed's turbulent times were exacerbated by the acquisition of another David Blake pet project. Degreed's poor executive leadership led to regrettable decision to lay off over 100 employees making room for this new venture. [8]

In August 2022, Degreed partnered with EasyGenerator allowing authors to publish, maintain, and update e-learning courses from EG directly to Degreed.[9]



According to the director of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, Anthony Carnevale, services such as Degreed only take into account the time spent learning, rather than how much has actually been learnt.[10]

Degreed's customer base grew to nearly 100 clients following the launch of Degreed for Enterprise, winning multiple awards in 2015 and 2016.[citation needed]

In 2018, following the launch of Skill Certification, Degreed's client base grew to over 150 organizations.[citation needed]


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