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Deep Down is a single-player or (up to four player) co-op multiplayer dungeon crawl. Gameplay has been described as similar to both Capcom's own Dragon's Dogma; as well as the Dark Souls series, though with a lesser difficulty.[2][3] The historical sections of the game take place in a medieval/fantasy setting in proceedurally generated dungeons, with the player equipped with suits of armor, swords, pikes, shields etc. Creatures encountered are from the fantasy trope, including ogres, shapeshifters similar to mimics (D&D), and dragons.[2][3][4]


The player perspective for Deep Down begins in New York City in the year 2094. The story focuses on a member of a group known as the "Ravens" who has the ability to recover historical memories by touching ancient objects. This 'Raven' is brought into contact with excavated objects from a mysterious civilization in Bohemia (Czech Republic) dating from the 15th century and are asked to use their abilities to explore the city and discover its secrets.[2][3]


At the February 20, 2013 PlayStation Meeting where Sony debuted the PlayStation 4, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono, best known for his work on the Street Fighter series,[5] revealed Deep Down alongside their new "Panta Rhei" game engine, designed specifically for the PlayStation 4.[6] Deep Down was the working title, and Panta Rhei was announced to replace MT Framework as Capcom's game engine of choice.[6] The reveal trailer showed an armored warrior battling a medieval fire-breathing dragon.[7] They chose to make a new brand for freedom to explore next-gen video game console architecture, and so as to avoid limitations from consumer expectations.[5] The game did not have a presence at the E3 2013 video game expo.[7]

During Tokyo Game Show 2013, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono announced that Deep Down was to be a free-to-play title; the initial expected release date was to be in 2014 after a public beta coincided with the Japanese release of the PS4.[8] In early 2015, Kazunori Sugiura stated in an interview with 4gamer that the vision for the game had expanded since its initial 2013 reveal, to better appeal in the long term to players, and so the development timescale had been extended.[9]

In June 2018, Capcom extended the trademark for the game.[10]


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