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December 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

December 3 - Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar - December 5

All fixed commemorations below celebrated on December 17 by Eastern Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.[note 1]

For December 4th, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on November 21.



Pre-Schism Western SaintsEdit

Post-Schism Orthodox SaintsEdit

New Martyrs and ConfessorsEdit

  • Hieromartyr Nicholas (Tsedrik), Priest (1917)[19][20]
  • New Martyrs of Perm (1918):[19][20][21]
    • Hieromartyrs Alexis Saburov, John Pyankov, Protopresbyters.
    • Alexander Posokhin and Nicholas Yakhontov, Priests.
    • Basil Kashin, Deacon, and with him 10 Martyrs.
  • Hieromartyr Damascene (Tsedrik), Bishop of Glukhov, (son of priest Nicholas (Tsedrik)) (1935)[19][20]
  • Hieromartyr Demetrius Nevedomsky, Priest (1937)[19][21]
  • Virgin-martyrs Catherine Arskoy and Kyra Obolensky (1937)[19][21]
  • Hieromartyr Alexander Hotovitzky, Hieromartyr of the Bolshevik yoke, Missionary of America (1937)[20][22]

Other commemorationsEdit

Icon GalleryEdit


  1. ^ The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the "Old Calendar").
    The notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the "New Calendar").
  2. ^ This commemoration is recorded in the "Jerusalemitic Canonarion".
  3. ^ "At Nicomedia, the passion of St. Barbara, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Maximinus. After a series of sufferings, a long imprisonment, burning with torches and the cutting off of her breasts, she terminated her martyrdom by the sword."[6]
  4. ^ St Barbara is a patron saint of the city of Kiev (where her relics are enshrined) and there was a time when tourists to Kiev received a free copy of the Akathist in her honour. Religious medals depicting Sts Anthony and Theodosius of the Kiev Caves would often have a depiction of St Barbara on the other side. The daughter of an avidly pagan Roman senator, St Barbara was boiled in oil for her determination to remain a Christian. This led to the practice of boiling pyrohy in oil on her feast-day.[7]
  5. ^ In some Synaxaria, Saint Christodoula is commemorated together with Saint Myrope of Chios (December 2).
  6. ^ The Monk John, Bishop of Polyboteia (in Phyrgia), was known as a denouncer of the heresy and impiety of the emperor Leo the Isaurian. The saint died at the beginning of the 8th century. For his holy life he was granted by the Lord the gift to heal the infirm and cast out evil spirits.[12]
  7. ^ "At Bologna, St. Felix, bishop, who previously had been deacon of the church of Milan, under St. Ambrose."[6]
  8. ^ The 300 Allemagne Saints came to Cyprus from Palestine, and lived as ascetics in various parts of the island. These people were Greek migrant workers who worked in Germany or «Alamania» (Allemagne). They had participated in the Second Crusade (1147 - 1149), and after its dissolution, after going on pilgrimage in Jerusalem, they decided to live the monastic life in the Jordan desert. However since the Latins there disturbed them, they relocated to Cyrus and dispersed over the island. Two others of these 300 saints are: Constantine of Cyprus (Constantine of Allemagne) (July 1); and Venerable Abbacum the Ascetic of Cyprus, Wonderworker (December 2).
  9. ^ The Hieromonk Seraphim, Bishop of the Phanar was from the village of Bezoula, Agrapha diocese in Greece. He lived in asceticism at first as a monk at the Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos at Koronis, and later was chosen as bishop of the Phanar and Neochorion. For his refusal to accept Islam, he was beaten and impaled by the Turks in 1601. His head is at the monastery at Koronis and has been glorified by numerous miracles.[18]
  10. ^ The Damascene Icon of the Mother of God, by ancient tradition, was painted by St John of Damascus in gratitude to the Theotokos for the miraculous healing of his right hand, cut off through the perfidy of Emperor Leo the Isaurian. This icon is also known as "Of the Three Hands" Icon of the Mother of God (June 28, and July 12).


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