Deberny & Peignot

Deberny & Peignot (Fonderie Deberny et Peignot) was a French type foundry, created by the 1923 merger of G. Peignot & Fils and Deberny & Cie.[1] It was bought by the Haas Type Foundry (Switzerland) in 1972, which in turn was merged into D. Stempel AG in 1985, then into Linotype GmbH in 1989, and is now part of Monotype Corporation.

Fonderie Deberny et Peignot
IndustryType foundry
Key people
Georges Peignot, Charles Peignot, Rémy Peignot

Starting in 1925, Deberny & Peignot type was distributed in the United States by Continental Type Founders Association.


These typefaces were produced by Deberny & Peignot:[2]


Deberny & Peignot's release of "Univers" in 1957 was the first typeface to be manufactured simultaneously as hand-set type, Monotype mechanical type, and photo type, bridging all the technological advances that had developed over the history of typesetting to that time. The company produced twenty-one width and weight variations of "Univers" complete with an innovative numbering system that identified each characteristic, and dispensing with historical names, such as "bold" and "extra bold."

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