Debbie Watson (actress)

Deborah Lynn Watson (born January 17, 1949) is a retired American movie and television actress.

Debbie Watson
Debbie Watson Tammy 1965.JPG
Watson as Tammy in 1965.
Born (1949-01-17) January 17, 1949 (age 72)
Years active1964–1971
Spouse(s)Richard Sanford Orshoff (m. 1966-1971); Ronald Lewis Taylor (m. 1973-present)


Watson began her acting in community theatre, appearing in productions at Long Beach Community Theater, Tustin Community Theater, and Melodyland Theater.[1]


She got her start on television as a hopeful on Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour in 1963.[2] She went on to star as the boy-struck teenage girl Karen Scott in the 1964 sitcom TV series Karen,[3][4] the only portion of the largely unsuccessful "90 Bristol Court" to last the entirety of the 1964-65 season. She then appeared as Tammy Tarleton in the 1965 rural themed sitcom TV series Tammy, with co-stars Denver Pyle and Frank McGrath.[3][5]


Watson's film appearances include the character of Marilyn Munster in Munster, Go Home! 1966.[3][6] The actress was a Universal Pictures starlet at the time, and the studio used Watson to replace Pat Priest, who had played Marilyn through most of The Munsters TV sitcom series. In 1967, Watson co-starred with Roddy McDowall in The Cool Ones,[3][7] followed by Tammy and the Millionaire, which comprised four episodes of Tammy re-edited into a feature-length film.

Later careerEdit

When Watson was 17 years old she married record producer-engineer Richard Sanford Orshoff, who was then 22.[8] In August of 1967 they had a child, Darren. Watson and Orshoff divorced in 1971. She made her final TV appearance on Love, American Style in 1971 before retiring from acting. She married Ronald L Taylor (now a retired Superior Court Judge) in 1973, and together they had a son, Dylan. Watson now lives in Southern California and the Oregon coast, is still married to Taylor, and she most recently made an appearance on A&E's Biography of the Munsters.[9]

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