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Death Piggy was an American hardcore punk band, that was formed in 1982 in Richmond, Virginia.[1] They flourished briefly, before Dave Brockie, then their lead singer/bassist, decided to play a joke set while wearing monster costumes made by VCU art student Colette Miller, as an opening act for Death Piggy. This joke act would later be the basis for the heavy metal band GWAR. They put out a few 45s (some limited to 301 copies) and had a small yet loyal following. They played their last show in 1994, before the death of Sumner.


Original lineupEdit

  • Dave Brockie (Deceased): Lead Vocals/Bass (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus from Gwar)
  • Russ Bahorsky: Guitar/Vocals
  • Sean Sumner (Deceased):[2] Drums

Later membersEdit

  • Steve Douglas: guitar (replaced Russ after the "Death Rules the Fairway" single)


  1. G-O-D Spells God
  2. Spatter Flick
  3. Eat The People
  4. Fat Man
  5. Nympho
  6. Bathtub In Space
  7. No Prob, Dude
  8. Mangoes & Goats
  • Death Rules the Fairway 7" EP (1984)
  1. Welcome To The Record
  2. Boner
  3. Showbiz
  4. Dinner In The Morning
  5. Whippin' Round The Bay
  6. Ceramic Butt
  • R45 7" EP (1985)
  1. Poet
  2. Ground "B" Sound
  3. Joey Died Today
  4. Minute 2 Live
  • Smile Or Die!!! (1999)
  • Studio Sessions 1984/85 (2016)
    • Vinyl re-release of Smile Or Die!!! with new artwork, exclusive to Spain


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