Dean Hewitt (born 9 November 1994) is an Australian curler from Melbourne.

Dean Hewitt
Born (1994-11-09) 9 November 1994 (age 27)
Curling clubVictorian Curling Association[1]
Mixed doubles
Tahli Gill
World Mixed Doubles Championship
4 (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021)
Pacific-Asia Championship
6 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

At the 2021 Olympic Curling Qualification Event in December 2021 Hewitt and his teammate Tahli Gill made history, when they won qualification to the mixed doubles tournament at the 2022 Winter Olympics. They are the first ever Australian curling team (in any curling discipline) to qualify for the Winter Olympics.[2]

Personal lifeEdit

Hewitt is from curling family. His mother, Canadian-born Lynn Hewitt,[3] played curling in Canada from her childhood. When she met Australian farmer Stephen (Steve) Hewitt,[4] she married him and they moved to Australia, and her husband began curling too. He was member of the Australian national men's team and played in several Pacific Curling Championships. Dean Hewitt began curling when he was 6 years old.[5][6] Lynn and Dean together played as the Australian national mixed doubles curling team at the 2017 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship and the 2018 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship[7][8]

Hewitt studied exercise and sports science at Deakin University.[9] Outside of curling, Hewitt is a trained exercise physiologist, and works at an ice rink and a supermarket.[10]

Teams and eventsEdit


Season Skip Third Second Lead Alternate Coach Events
2011–12 Angus Young Dean Hewitt Maxwell Thomas Sam Williams Grant Hamsey Tim McMahon PAJCC 2012 (5th)
2012–13 Maxwell Thomas Dean Hewitt Sam Williams Grant Hamsey Mitchell Thomas Matt Panoussi PAJCC 2013 (5th)
2013–14 Maxwell Thomas Dean Hewitt Mitchell Thomas Grant Hamsey Matt Panoussi PAJCC 2014 (5th)
2014–15 Dean Hewitt Maxwell Thomas Mitchell Thomas Grant Hamsey Tyler Hogan Matt Panoussi PAJCC 2015 (5th)
Ian Palangio Jay Merchant Dean Hewitt Steve Johns Archie Merchant PACC 2014 (4th)
2015–16 Ian Palangio Jay Merchant Dean Hewitt Derek Smith Archie Merchant PACC 2015 (5th)
2016–17 Ian Palangio Jay Merchant Dean Hewitt Derek Smith Archie Merchant PACC 2016 (7th)
2017–18 Dean Hewitt (fourth) Ian Palangio Christopher Ordog Hugh Millikin (skip) Jay Merchant Archie Merchant PACC 2017 (4th)
2018–19 Dean Hewitt Jay Merchant Rupert Jones Ian Palangio Steve Johns AMCC 2018  
Dean Hewitt (fourth) Jay Merchant (skip) Dustin Armstrong Steve Johns Bob Armstrong PACC 2018 (7th)

Mixed doublesEdit

Season Male Female Coach Events
2014–15 Dean Hewitt Kristen Tsourlenes AMDCC 2014  
2015–16 Dean Hewitt Kristen Tsourlenes AMDCC 2015  [11]
2016–17 Dean Hewitt Lynn Hewitt Jay Merchant WMDCC 2017 (18th)
2017–18 Dean Hewitt Lynn Hewitt Pete Manasantivongs WMDCC 2018 (18th)
2018–19 Dean Hewitt Tahli Gill Pete Manasantivongs WMDCC 2019 (4th)
2019–20 Dean Hewitt Tahli Gill
2020–21 Dean Hewitt Tahli Gill Pete Manasantivongs WMDCC 2021 (13th)
2021–22 Dean Hewitt Tahli Gill John Morris,
Pete Manasantivongs
OQE 2021  


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