De frie Danske (Danish: The Free Danes) was a Danish resistance newspaper published in Copenhagen about monthly from December 1941 to 24 May 1945.[1][2] It was the first Danish non-communist resistance newspaper and the first to bring photographs. It was also one of the largest, with final issues reaching a circulation of 20,000.[3] Especially notable was the June 1944 Invasion Issue titled 'The Free Danes Welcome our Allied Friends' with a four colored front-page photo of one United States and one British rifleman each in front of their national flags.[4][5]

De frie Danske
TypeMonthly newspaper
FoundedDecember 1941
Political alignmentNon-communist
Ceased publication24 May 1945

Resistance activist Edith Bonnesen contributed to the publication of the paper.[6]


De frie Danske appears in Lois Lowry's historical novel Number the Stars.[7][8]


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