De Voortrekkers

De Voortrekkers is a 1916 film.

De Voortrekkers
Dick Cruikshanks as Piet Retief, 1916, The Voortrekkers.jpg
Dick Cruikshanks as Piet Retief
Directed byHarold M. Shaw
Produced byArrow Film Corporation
Screenplay byGustav Preller, Harold M. Shaw
StarringPercy Marmont, Edna Flugrath, Harold M. Shaw, Goba
CinematographyHenry Howse
Release date
Running time
CountrySouth Africa


This 1916 epic film was one of the first South African dramatic film productions. Produced by African Film Productions, it tells the story of the Boers’ Great Trek at the end of the 1830s, concluding with a hegemonic reconstruction of the 1838 Battle of Blood River, where a few hundred armed Afrikaners defeated several thousand Zulus. Commemorating as it did their view of a highly contentious period of history, the film came to be revered by Afrikaners. It enjoyed a long after-life in South African classrooms and was shown annually on the anniversary of the Battle of Blood River. It received some screenings in London and elsewhere outside Africa under the title Winning a Continent.[1]


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