De Clercqstraat

The De Clercqstraat is a street in Amsterdam-West, Netherlands. It runs between the Singelgracht and Kostverlorenvaart [nl]. The street is named for Willem de Clercq (1795–1844), poet and Christian revivalist.

De Clercqstraat, Amsterdam

Before construction of the De Clercqstraat at the end of the 19th century, it was the site of a canal, the Lange Bleekerssloot, which was filled in in 1895. The Rozengracht, the extension of De Clercqstraat on the eastern end, was filled in at the same time and a passage towards the Dam, the Raadhuisstraat, was cleared, creating a new axial road connecting the city centre with the newer districts towards the West.

Coordinates: 52°22′14″N 4°52′11″E / 52.3706°N 4.8697°E / 52.3706; 4.8697