Dečani chrysobulls

The Dečani chrysobulls (Serbian: Дечанске хрисовуље/Dečanske hrisovulje) or Dečani charters (Дечанске повеље/Dečanske povelje) are chrysobulls dating to 1321-1331, signed by Stefan Uroš III Dečanski of Serbia, the Serbian King, which contains a detailed list of households and villages in what is today Metohija and northwestern Albania.

Charter of Dečani
Charter of Dečani by Stefan Uroš III.png
Original first page
Also known asDečani charter
Place of originKingdom of Serbia
Language(s)Old Serbian
Author(s)Stefan Uroš III
Dedicated toVisoki Dečani
Exemplar(s)Archive of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

King Stefan Dečanski (r. 1321–1331) mentioned that the court dignitaries present at the Dečani assembly were the kaznac, tepčija, vojvoda, sluga and stavilac.[1]

The chrysobulls did not list every settlement in the domain of Serbian kings, but only those which paid taxes. The settlements listed in the first charter region were mostly ethnically Serb.[2] Most of the Albanians at the time were Catholic and as such might not have been listed in the documents of Serbian Orthodox monasteries. Some of those listed as "Vlachs" might have actually been Albanian-speakers.[3]

The total of 89 settlements with 2,666 households were recorded of which 86 settlements were Serb (96,6%) and 3 (3,3%) were Albanian.[4]


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