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Dazed (formerly Dazed & Confused) is a bi-monthly British style magazine founded in 1991. It covers music, fashion, film, art, and literature. Dazed is published by Dazed Media, an independent media group known for producing stories across its print, digital and video brands. The company's portfolio includes titles AnOther, Dazed Beauty and NOWNESS. The company's newest division, Dazed Studio, creates brand campaigns across the luxury and lifestyle sectors. Based in London, its founding editors are Jefferson Hack and fashion photographer Rankin.

Dazed Spring 2020 Selena Gomez.jpg
Dazed Spring 2020 Selena Gomez
EditorIsabella Burley [1]
Fashion DirectorEmma Wyman
Art DirectorJamie Reid
CategoriesFashion, lifestyle
PublisherDazed Media
Year founded1991
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon, England


Dazed was begun[2] by Hack and Rankin Waddell while they were studying at London College of Printing (now London College of Communications).[3] Beginning as a black-and-white folded poster[4] published sporadically, the magazine soon turned full colour, and was promoted at London club nights. Today it is an independent youth culture magazine, distributed globally, covering fashion, art, music and lifestyle. Cover stars have included Björk, Kate Moss, David Bowie,[5] Young Thug,[6] Millie Bobby Brown,[7] Amandla Stenberg,[8] Marilyn Manson,[9] Jazz Jennings, Thom Yorke,[10] Kendall Jenner,[11] Tilda Swinton[12], FKA Twigs.[13], Rihanna[14], Selena Gomez[15] and Billie Eilish[16]. Dazed has built a reputation for publishing stories that use creativity to empower young people, setting trends in motion and redefining the status quo. Over the years Dazed has championed humanitarian causes, from AIDS in South Africa, giving blood, the refugee crisis, breast cancer awareness, Islamophobia, LGBT rights and women's rights to climate change. Dazed is the first fashion magazine to challenge beauty preconceptions by featuring disabled cover models.[17]

Notable covers include:

  • September 1998 the 'Access-able' issue included a 14-page feature created by Alexander McQueen and Nick Knight showing people with disabilities looking powerful and beautiful including Helen Mcintosh, Mat Fraser and the issue's cover star Aimee Mullins[18]
  • June 1999 celebrated feminism exhibiting cover star Milla Jovovich with arms raised and armpits unshaven
  • August 1999 saw Dazed photograph five supermodels giving blood on camera. Shot in a real donor clinic, Shalom Harlow, Eva Herzigova, Bridget Hall and Annie Morton each gave up a pint for the fashion shoot[19]
  • March 2000 was entitled 'Feel It' and celebrated gay rights with a cover showing two men kissing[20]
  • December 2000 the 'Altered Beauty' issue saw Dazed stylist Katy England and photographer Nick Knight conceive a ground-breaking fashion shoot to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer, an organisation promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. Featuring models of all ages who had had breast cancer, and the scars to prove it, the magazine also presented interviews with the women showing how breast cancer had changed their lives[21]
  • July 2004 the 'South Africa' issue celebrated ten years of democracy and was dedicated to marking a decade of freedom with 10% of all ad revenue from the issue donated to fight AIDS in South Africa (African Solutions to African Problems)[22]
  • July 2006 'The Freedom Issue: Know Your Rights' saw Dazed partner with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to highlight the ever-present issue of human rights around the world. Featuring exclusive cover artwork by Damien Hirst and Barbara Kruger on the theme, the special section looked at rights abuses across the globe, and the battles against them[23]
  • April 2011 'The Money Issue' with cover by Jake and Dinos Chapman explored capitalism and the creative industries with features on London's creative workers, offshore tax havens and the post-credit crunch economy[24]
  • Autumn/Winter 2015 featured Ru-Paul's Drag Race's Pearl Liaison making Dazed the first leading fashion magazine to celebrate a drag coverstar[25]
  • Spring/Summer 2016 featured transgender female musician Anohni in the 'Power/Protest' issue[26]
  • Spring 2016 celebrated the youngest publicly documented person to be identified as transgender Jazz Jennings by putting her on the cover under the title 'Infinity Girl'[27]
  • Winter 2019 the #familyties issues, featured the four-time Special Olympics champion gymnast, Chelsea Werner. With images by Ben Toms and styling by Robbie Spence, the piece discusses her life as a gymnast and ableism in the fashion world.[28]

Dazed DigitalEdit

Dazeddigital.com launched in November 2006 with a dedicated editorial and video team covering news, fashion, culture, music and art.[29] Its editor is Anna Cafolla.[30] Each year it publishes the Dazed 100, a list of the hundred most influential people shaping youth culture.[31] The Dazed 100 ran in partnership with Calvin Klein CK One in 2016 and 2017, in 2018 the launch event was in partnership with YouTube Music [32], the 2020 list was in partnership with Converse [33] [34]. The list is interactive and ranked by readers. In 2015 the winner was Hari Nef.[35] In 2016 the winner was Troye Sivan.[36]. In 2017 the winner was Finn Wolfhard [37]. In 2018 the winner was Holland.[38] In 2019 the winner was La’Shaunae [39]. In 2020 Dazed and Converse have partnered to establish the Dazed 100 Ideas Fund, no longer highlighting a single winner the online votes will fund creative and philanthropic ideas from the Dazed 100 list.

Dazed BeautyEdit

In September 2018, Dazed launched Dazed Beauty, a community platform dedicated to redefining the language and communication of beauty.[40] The platform celebrates identity, self-expression and creativity through the transformational power of beauty.[41] It’s editor-in-chief is Bunney Kinney [42] . Dazed Beauty has a website [43] and Instagram page dedicated to spotlighting the people who are radically redefining beauty [44]. The Dazed Beauty Community is an ever-expanding database of creatives and emerging talent from across the world who are redefining beauty norms. [45]


Dazed works with photographers including Paolo Roversi,[46], Ryan McGinley,[47] Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot,[48] Alasdair McLellan, Sean and Seng,[49] Collier Schorr,[50] Harley Weir,[51] Inez and Vinoodh,[52] Juergen Teller,[53] Willy Vanderperre[54] Nick Knight,[55] Mario Sorrenti,[56] Ben Toms,[57] and David Sims.[58] Notable people who have worked at Dazed over the years include Nicola Formichetti,[59] Katie Grand,[60] Charlotte Stockdale,[61] Olivier Rizzo, Phil Poynter,[62] Sylvia Farago,[63] Katy England,[64] Karen Langley[65] and Alister Mackie.[66]


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