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Dayr Hafir District (Arabic: منطقة دير حافر‎, translit. manṭiqat Dayr Ḥāfir) is a district of Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. Administrative centre is the city of Dayr Ḥāfir.

Dayr Hafir District
منطقة دير حافر
Dayr Hafir District in Syria
Location of Dayr Hafir District within Aleppo Governorate
Dayr Hafir District is located in Syria
Dayr Hafir District
Dayr Hafir District
Location in Syria
Coordinates (Dayr Hafir): 36°09′N 37°42′E / 36.15°N 37.7°E / 36.15; 37.7
Country  Syria
Governorate Aleppo
Seat Dayr Hafir
Subdistricts 3 nawāḥī
 • Total 534.44 km2 (206.35 sq mi)
Population (2004)[1] 91,124
Geocode SY0209
The administrative center of Dayr Hafir Subdistrict shown above is the city of Dayr Hafir.
The administrative center of Rasm Harmil al-Imam Subdistrict shown above is the city of Rasm Harmil al-Imam.
The administrative center of Kuweires Sharqi Subdistrict shown above is the city of Kuweires Sharqi.

The district was formed in 2009 from three subdistricts formerly belonging to al-Bab District.[2] At the 2004 census, these subdistricts had a total population of 91,124.[1]


The district of Dayr Hafir is divided into three subdistricts or nawāḥī (population as of 2004[1]):

Subdistricts of Dayr Hafir District
Code Name Area Population Seat
SY020900 Dayr Hafir Subdistrict 112.22 km² 33,592 Dayr Hafir
SY020901 Rasm Harmil al-Imam Subdistrict 203.58 km² 30,029 Rasm Harmil al-Imam
SY020902 Kuweires Sharqi Subdistrict 218.64 km² 26,729 Kuweires Sharqi


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