Flag flying days in Finland

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Flag flying days in Finland are days of the year when the national flag is flown nationwide, either by law or by custom. The flag of Finland is generally flown only on special occasions to celebrate or honour someone or something. On certain days of the year the state officially flies the flag, and recommends all private citizens to do so as well, these are the flag flying days as listed below.[1] Any citizen has a right to fly the flag on their own property if they deem it appropriate,[2][3] for example in celebration of birthdays or weddings in the family. Midsummer’s day is additionally celebrated as Flag Day in Finland.

Legal enforcementEdit

By law, the Finnish flag must be flown from public buildings on the following days.[4] It is recommended that private citizens to also fly the flag on these days.

Customary flag daysEdit

It has become customary to fly the Finnish flag on the following occasions. These dates are also listed in the Finnish State Calendar compiled by the University of Helsinki, and it is recommended that the flag is flown on these occasions.[5]

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