Dawud ibn Yazid ibn Hatim al-Muhallabi

Dawud ibn Yazid ibn Hatim al-Muhallabi (Arabic: داود بن يزيد بن حاتم المهلبي‎) (died 820 or 821) was a provincial governor for the Abbasid dynasty in the late eighth and early ninth centuries. A member of the prominent Muhallabid family, he was briefly governor of the western provinces of Ifriqiyah (787 or 788) and Egypt (790-791), after which he was appointed to the eastern province of al-Sind (800), where he served for the remainder of his life.


Dawud was the son of Yazid ibn Hatim, who served as the governor of Ifriqiyah for the caliphs al-Mansur, al-Mahdi, al-Hadi, and al-Rashid. Yazid died early in the reign of al-Rashid, at which point Dawud temporarily succeeded him as governor. His leadership, however, proved to be inadequate, and the government's authority within the province began to weaken. As a result, al-Rashid appointed Dawud's uncle Rawh ibn Hatim to take control of Ifriqiyah instead.[1] Following this, Dawud was appointed over Egypt in 790. After serving as governor there for slightly more than a year, he was dismissed from that post as well and replaced with the Abbasid prince Musa ibn 'Isa.[2]

In 800 Dawud was invested with the governorship of al-Sind[3] and tasked with pacifying the province, which was plagued by a longstanding conflict between the Arab tribes there. He initially sent his brother al-Mughirah to take control of al-Mansurah, but the city's inhabitants rebelled and expelled him. Dawud then entered al-Sind in force and laid siege to al-Mansurah, which he managed to take several months later. He then proceeded to secure the other cities of al-Sind, thereby firmly reestablishing Abbasid control over the province.[4]

Dawud spent the next two decades as governor of al-Sind, setting a record for the longest tenure of any governor in the early Abbasid period.[5] Conditions in the province remained quiet for the remainder of his administration.[6] He died in 820 or 821 and was succeeded by his son Bishr.[7]


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Preceded by
Yazid ibn Hatim al-Muhallabi
Governor of Ifriqiyah
787 or 788
Succeeded by
Rawh ibn Hatim al-Muhallabi
Preceded by
Muhammad ibn Zuhayr al-Azdi
Governor of Egypt
Succeeded by
Musa ibn 'Isa
Preceded by
Ayyub ibn Ja'far ibn Sulayman
Governor of al-Sind
Succeeded by
Bishr ibn Dawud al-Muhallabi