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Early life and educationEdit

Wilkinson was born in Montreal, Quebec. When she was six weeks old, her family moved to Brampton, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. About a year later, they moved to the town of Acton, Ontario, and five years later they returned to Brampton.[2] Wilkinson attended SEED Alternative School (1992), the University of Toronto (1996), the Canadian Film Centre (2000)[3] and the Short Dramatic Film Program (2000) where she directed Girls Who Say Yes (2000).[4]


Wilkinson apprenticed with Norman Jewison on the set of Hurricane (1999 film) and has since directed, written, and produced several projects.

Wilkinson taught filmmaking at Trebas Institute (1999-2001), the Toronto Film School (2001-2008), and Humber College (2009-2010) and was recruited by the National Film Board of Canada to teach local youth about filmmaking. She went on to be the director of National Film Board short documentaries Youth Visions (2007) and co-director of Unexpected (2010).

In 2002 Wilkinson started her own production company, Afterlife Films, which has created Instant Dread (1998)[5] and Devotion (2005).

In 2015 Wilkinson directed an episode of the TV Series of Shoot The Messenger in Toronto.[6] She directed episode of Republic of Doyle and directed episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Murdoch Mysteries and Heartland.[7][8]

Wilkinson is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, the Writers Guild of Canada.[4] and the Directors Guild of America.


  • Dandelions (1995) - writer, director, producer
  • Instant Dread (1998) - writer, director, producer
  • Girls Who Say Yes (2000) - director
  • Devotion (2005) - writer, director, producer[9]
  • Unexpected (2010) - co-director
  • Looking for Dawn (2011) - writer, director, producer
  • Wilderness (2012) - director
  • Love Child/Revealing Rachel (in development) - writer, director, producer
  • The Polished Hoe (in development) - director


* How to Be Indie: How to Update Your Status
* She’s the Mayor: Gimme Shelter
* Murdoch Mysteries: Lovers in a Murderous Time
* Murdoch Mysteries: Unfinished Business
* Switched at Birth: Left in Charge
* Make It Pop: Submission Impossible
* Make It Pop: Reality Bites
* Make It Pop: The Curse of Reality
* Make It Pop: Talent Show Redux
* Heartland: Reckless Abandon
* Heartland: Fearless
* Single Ladies: Build
* Single Ladies: Pain
* Odd Squad: The Perfect Lunch
* Odd Squad: The Jackies
* Sunnyside: Chain Gang
* Sunnyside: Clowns
* Power To The People
* Dig Me Out
* Better Man
* The World I Know
* Republic of Doyle: Young Guns
* Reign: A Better Man
* Greenleaf: Call Not Complete
* Kim's Convenience: Frank & Nayoung
* Kim's Convenience: Hapkido
* Kim's Convenience: Janet's New Job
* Kim's Convenience: Handyman
* Kim's Convenience: Cardboard Jug
* Kim's Convenience: Silent Auction
* Nashville: Back in the Saddle Again
* Nashville: No Place That Far
* Riverdale: Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend
* Riverdale: Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Darkside
* Riverdale: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club
* Beyond: Stir
* Reverie: Altumn Somnum
* Dynasty: The Gospel According To Blake Carrington
* Take Two: All About Ava
* California Love
* hoMe
* Aftermath
* Creep
* A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child
* I Was Just Wondering What Makes Dames Like You So Deadly

Awards and DistinctionsEdit


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